Microsoft warns of cyberattacks originating from Russia this season

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Microsoft warned in a recent statement that the Russian military intelligence threat group Sandworm will likely continue their cyberattacks on Ukrainian infrastructure and NATO allies in Europe throughout the winter.

These attacks are believed to be coordinated with a propaganda campaign that endeavours to weaken the support of the U.S., EU, and NATO for Ukraine. This report comes a few months after Microsoft warned about cyberattacks that point to Ukrainian allies back in June this year.

Furthermore, the attacks may extend to the countries and companies supplying Ukraine with supplies and resources, broadening the list of potential victims. In addition to expecting the attacks to persist, Microsoft has also warned of possible “cyber-enabled influence operations” that are meant to disrupt the flow of aid and weaponry to Ukraine and undermine European support for the country.

Sandworm has been linked to various malicious campaigns in the past, such as the Ukrainian blackouts, the KillDisk wiper attacks, and the NotPetya ransomware. 

A recent wave of cyberattacks by Russian intelligence agencies, including the GRU, SVR, and FSB, has been targeting governments of countries playing a key role in NATO’s and the West’s response to Russia’s war with Ukraine.

These attacks, which began in June and include the RansomBoggs ransomware attack and the Prestige ransomware attack in October, have been linked to the Russian military hacker group Sandworm.

Additionally, the Google Threat Analysis Group (TAG) has observed phishing attacks on NATO and European military entities coordinated by the COLDRIVER threat group, which originates from Russia. At the same time, they have also exposed the efforts of Russian, Chinese, and Belarusian state hackers to compromise Ukrainian and European organizations as well as military and other officials.

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