Microsoft’s New IndexNow Plugin for WordPress


Microsoft’s relatively new provision for WordPress websites has been great news for those with established WordPress sites.

Bing released their first official plugin – IndexNow – enabling website owners to submit their URLs and index their posts immediately rather than wait for the search engine to crawl the site. 

What is the IndexNow Plugin? 

IndexNow is Bing’s latest step towards evolution and is the search engine’s first official WordPress plugin. It was developed in collaboration with Yandex. 

Using the IndexNow plugin, WordPress users can instantly inform search engines about the latest content change on their websites. They don’t have to wait to let the search engine crawl their site and verify the changes. Website owners can ping the search engine about a new URL and whether its content is deleted, updated, or added. This allows search engines to take notes of changes and immediately reflect them in the search results.

Before the release of IndexNow, website owners waited for days or weeks for search engines to discover the difference in the content because search engines don’t crawl every URL frequently. 

Features and Benefits of the IndexNow Plugin

Before we get into the technicalities of this new plugin, let’s talk about its features and benefits. 

Detects Changes

The IndexNow plugin on your WordPress website detects everything, from page creation and update to deletion and addition of the content automatically in WordPress. IndexNow always possesses the most accurate and latest information on your website content, and it’s constantly sending these updates to the search engine.

Automated Submission of URLs 

The IndexNow plugin will automatically detect the changes in the content and submit the URL of the content that has been changed and update the search engine about the new version. That way, the search engine crawls the changed content (through its URL) before it crawls other content.

No Need to Register Your Site with a Search Engine

Once installed, the IndexNow plugin will automatically generate and host the API key on your WordPress website. There is no need for WordPress website owners to register and verify their site with search engines to submit the URLs from their site to multiple search engines.

How to Install IndexNow

You can install the new IndexNow plugin on your WordPress in four easy steps.

  1. Log in to the WordPress admin panel and click on Plugins > Add New.
  2. Search for the IndexNow Plugin and install it.
  3. Once the plugin is installed, click on Activate to enable the plugin.
  4. Go to the IndexNow ‘admin page’ from Settings > IndexNow. Click Let’s Get Started.

And just like that, you’re all set to use the new IndexNow Plugin for your WordPress website.

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