The Latest WordPress Update – WordPress 5.9

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The new update of WordPress – WordPress 5.9 – is just around the corner. The WordPress 5.9 Beta version was released a few days ago, and the final version is due to be released on January 25, 2022. Without a doubt, this new update will be one of the most critical releases of 2022, especially for those who use WordPress regularly for their business or blog. 

WordPress website users will enjoy amazing features and improvements that will accompany the new update, and we’re giving you a sneak peek of what you’ll most likely be seeing in the upcoming WordPress 5.9 version. 

Navigation Menu

The navigation menu, which has been in development for a while, is the main highlight of WordPress 5.9. The main purpose of the navigation menu is to improve user experience, reduce complications, and enhance the possibility of a wide range of themes. 

The new navigation menu block has been added in the site editor, allowing users to edit the navigation menu and add items there. This new block makes it easier for users to create menus, add links, adjust colours, spacing, alignment, and more.

Additional Design Tools

WordPress 5.9 has better and more consistent design tools, in addition to colours, typography, spacing, and layout. One of the main goals in the new update is to provide consistent access to similar tools across all blocks, including third-party ones.

Refined Editing

WordPress 5.9 has completely changed block editing, making it easier to navigate and edit layout and appearance. Below are the editing options that have been refined:

Effortless Mobility of Sections: In WordPress 5.9, you can easily move the sections up and down from the List View in the toolbar. Just click and hold and drag to the desired place. 

Navigation Block: The new update lets you use navigation blocks in your posts and pages, allowing you to manually create navigation menus in your blogs and landing pages, such as tables of contents.

Better Social Icons: WordPress 5.9 will make creating child and parent blocks easier through more visible social icons.

New Default Theme


Since WordPress 5.9 will be the first major release of 2022, it will come with a brand new theme dedicated to the year Twenty Twenty-Two. The new theme takes full advantage of the cool features in the updated site editor. 

The new, more flexible default theme of WordPress will have:

  • A bold and minimalistic design – black background with a picture of a bird flying across the screen.
  • Source Serif Pro font for headings.
  • Ready-made patterns for use in the site or block editor while writing content.

How to Update Your WordPress to the Newest Version

  • Log in to the Admin Area of your WordPress site and go to Dashboard > Updates Page.
  • You will notice a new version available for update.
  • Click Update Now to initiate the update.
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