Top Web Hosting Trends in 2022


With internet dependency on the rise, having a business website or online presence is essential for existing or future businesses. When creating a website, finding a reliable web hosting solution should be one of your top priorities. In this article, we’ll bring you up to speed on upcoming web hosting trends in 2022 so you can make informed decisions for your business websites and personal initiatives.

Multi-Cloud Hosting

Multi-cloud hosting is a relatively new approach to cloud-based hosting that uses many cloud assets, including software and documents, through two or more cloud environments. This hosting trend allows companies to streamline several business aspects (like accessing data, IT operations, security, and so on). When creating a business website, you might want to consider multi-cloud hosting – this strategy involves leveraging different cloud computing platforms to carry out various processes and projects. This means saying goodbye to complete reliance on one cloud host and allowing for efficient risk management by distributing digital assets into multiple public cloud service providers.

Green Web Hosting

Cloud storage and all the gadgets we use to access the internet add to the CO2 output – it measures accounts for up to 3.7% of the global greenhouse emissions, the same as the airline industry. However, many web hosting service providers are investing in carbon offsetting projects. Green web hosting requires active participation in eco-friendly initiatives that help reduce harmful effects on the environment, by either carbon offset certificates or renewable energy certificates. This 2022 web hosting trend focuses on sustainability and responsible practices across the tech industry.


Fewer Data Centers

Data centers are the backbone of the internet. However, in the last few years, fewer organizations are investing in building their own data centers, investing instead in computers and servers for data centers and hiring service providers. However, according to IDC Statista (2021), data centers in 2020 were projected to make around 45% of the total spending on IT infrastructure. By the year 2024, it’s forecasted to decrease to 36.5%. Another major reason for this decline is the increasing dependence on cloud services. With more and more companies using the cloud, they don’t require setting up data centers.

Managed Web Hosting Services

With the growing number of websites and online businesses, managed web hosting has become a trending solution for individuals and businesses, particularly when they don’t have a technical background to understand factors like performance optimization and website security. Managed WordPress hosting is one of the most popular examples of this trending type of web hosting – the service provider handles all necessary operations including backups, system updates, and desk services. Some of the major reasons for this 2022 trend include the pressure on enterprises to keep up with technological advancements, lack of internal and technical knowledge, and meeting requirements of regulatory compliance bodies.

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