Windows Server 2019 vs 2022 – Is it Worth the Upgrade?

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For those who work with technology, it is always important to be up to date on all day-to-day tools. Using something that is not up to date in this field can harm the business.

But some updates are not always worth doing, either by the habit of already using something you know very well or by the simple fact that the new version is not so superior to the old version. 

Is this the case with Windows Server 2022? In this article, we will answer some questions that users ask when facing this situation. Like:

  1. What Is the Difference Between Windows Server 2019 and 2022?
  2. How Do I Upgrade My Server 2019 to 2022?
  3. How Long Will Windows Server 2019 Be Supported?
  4. Does Windows Server 2022 Have a Gui?
  5. Does Server 2022 Have Hyper V?
  6. How Much Does the Windows Server 2022 Cost?
  7. What Is the Difference Between Windows Server Essentials and Standard?
  8. Is It Worth Upgrading to Windows Server 2022?

Let’s start?

What Is the Difference Between Windows Server 2019 and 2022?

The differences between Windows Server 2019 and Windows Server 2022 are mainly in security and cloud management.

Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection, also known as ATP, was added in the previous version. This ensured that malicious code files based on Machine Learning were detected. 

In the Windows Server 2022, this part has been improved with 3 features:

  1. Hardware root-of-trust
  2. Virtualization-based Security (VBS)
  3. Firmware protection

Cloud Management and Storage have also been improved. 

To eliminate the data management problems, Microsoft has introduced advanced storage features:

  • Storage Migration Service 
  • Adjustable storage repair speed 
  • Faster repair and resynchronization 
  • SMB compression

Many improvements in cloud management were also introduced, like the introduction of Hybrid Clouds in Windows Server 2022. The Hybrid Cloud technology offers on-demand app compatibility.

How Do I Upgrade My Server 2019 to 2022?

Well, first you will have to buy the new version (we’ll talk about all versions later on).

As soon as you make the purchase, you will receive the product key and the necessary activation steps.

Make sure your current windows server is up to date

How Long Will Windows Server 2019 Be Supported?

Windows Server 2019 has support until January 9, 2024.

So, after this date, no feature updates will be made for it. However, it will continue to receive security, reliability updates, and bug fixes for five more years.

Does Windows Server 2022 Have a GUI?

A graphics-based operating system interface that uses icons, menus and a mouse to manage interaction with the system. That’s what GUI means.

And yes, all the Windows Server 2022 versions have a GUI.

Does Windows Server 2022 Have Hyper V?

Hyper-V is Microsoft’s hardware virtualization product that lets you create and run a software version of a computer. Hyper V helps develop and test applications, operating systems and upgrades.

Windows Server 2022 will continue to offer this support, giving you more hardware choices for your environments.

How much does the Windows Server 2022 cost?

The Windows Server 2022 has four versions:

  • Essentials: for $501 and is perfect for small businesses with up to 25 users and 50 devices
  • Standard: for $1065 and is excellent for physical or minimally virtualized environment
  • Datacenter: for  $6.155 and is ideal for highly virtualized datacenters and cloud environments 
  • Data Center Azure Edition: a unique offering from Microsoft. It runs either as an Azure virtual machine or on an Azure Stack HCI cluster.

What Is the Difference Between Windows Server Essentials and Standard?

The difference between these two is the price, of course, and the Essentials version doesn’t recall Client Access Licenses (CAL) for access, and it’s also confined to 10 cores supporting a single socket and a single virtual machine.

The standard edition offers a core-based licensing model that only works with two virtual machines and one Hyper-V host and supports up to 16 cores.

With the Standard, each client that wants to access needs to have a CAL.

Basically, if you have a small business and want to grow with safety, the right choice could be the Essentials version. If your business expands, it’s worth upgrading to the Standard version.

Is It Worth Upgrading to Windows Server 2022?

The security has been improved with the hardware trust, firmware protection, and virtual environment security. The Improvements in Azure Capabilities it’s also something to highlight.

You can connect with Azure Arc, which allows you to take advantage of cloud services. The SMB compression is also something to note.

Some things that were present in the 2019 version have been removed, like Windows Deployment Services (WDS) and Internet Storage Name Service (iSNS) Server.

Answering the question we asked at the beginning of the article, Windows Server 2022 is an update that worked.

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