Norton AntiVirus Customer Reviews


Review By: Omnia J

Review: The software is well worth the money. It actually blocks threats, it's fast and protects me from bad links on my Facebook!...Read full customer review


Review By: Carla

Review: I've used norton for years and the new versions are much ligher on system resources than before. I'd recommend it to anyone...Read full customer review


Review By: Vicki Robbins

Review: Norton antivirus is great. The program never slows down my computer, if I'm running a lot of apps it knows to hold off on big updates and scans. It's much better than getting bogged down by a deep scan...Read full customer review


Review By: Brian G

Review: The program scans quickly and gives a good description of any problems. One click and the problem is fixed...Read full customer review


Review By: Ivan

Review: The interface with Norton is great, it tells me what's happening and whether I'm protected or not. The reports are really informative, showing me what threats have been found and how they were treated...Read full customer review


Review By: Dan

Review: There's a reason why Norton is always at the top, it catches viruses and keeps you safe. It caught a Trojan on my computer that could have ruined my laptop. Spending a bit of money to protect my computer rather than hundreds of dollars on repairs is always a better plan...Read full customer review


Review By: Jeff K

Review: I like the display, it's really smooth and easy to navigate. The features are all easy to pick out and I know right away if there are any issues....Read full customer review


Review By: Shelley

Review: I found the scans with Norton were taking longer than I'd like, even with optimal settings, so a friend suggested VIPRE, I've had no problems with it...Read full customer review


Review By: Jamie W

Review: Such a great product - I upgraded from the free edition and really like all the added features....Read full customer review


Review By: Joseph Wright

Review: I'm still surprised at how many extras Norton gives for just their antivirus software, the built-in antiphishing and scam insight are features you'd see in more advanced versions. It's a great value....Read full customer review