Webroot Antivirus Customer Reviews


Review By: Michael

Review: Webroot detected a rootkit and blocked it from infecting me...that right there is worth the cost. I wouldn't use any other product, Webroot protects me from the known threats, and the unknown threats...Read full customer review


Review By: Clare

Review: I can't believe how quickly the program scans my computer. I had a full scan done in under 3 minutes - that's faster than some of the single files scans I did with McAfee when I used it....Read full customer review


Review By: Daniel

Review: The antiphishing feature is nice to have. It makes me feel more secure when I'm doing my online banking. And it's included in the antivirus - I didn't need to upgrade to a package that has more than I need....Read full customer review


Review By: Paul

Review: Awesome program. It's lite and gets the job done. I wouldn't go back to eset....Read full customer review


Review By: Brian G

Review: Fastest scans ever! The scan takes like two minutes to run and on its first scan it came up with 6 issues, I was surprised because I thought my computer was pretty clean. The threats were removed and I'm safe and secure. I'd recommend it do everyone...Read full customer review


Review By: Mary C

Review: I really like how much they do to keep me secure. things like providing tools to help remove malware right in the interface are nice features. I don't have to go searching around a website for what I need....Read full customer review


Review By: Noah

Review: I was with Webroot but they don't provide a rescue disk, so I ended up going with Bitdefender and I'm happy with my choice...Read full customer review


Review By: Troy M

Review: The price paid for what you get is great. I love the fact it has a network and firewall monitor, it lets me see if there is anyone on the network that I don't want on it. ...Read full customer review