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1 - - find the best hosting services has launched an easy-to-use and fully-loaded method of finding the hosting services and hosting providers that you need. Learn More

1&1 MyWebSite - You can do it too!

We at pride ourselves in helping you make informed decisions by giving our expert opinions on products and services for your website. This article looks at 1&1 MyWebSite website builder - an easy-to-use, cost effective way to get a Learn More

7 Questions to ask your web hosting company before you sign up

With all the web hosting providers on the market today, it can be tough to evaluate the choices. Here are some questions to ask your top web hosting options. Learn More

About PHP Hosting

PHP is an open source scripting language that borrows from the likes of C, Java, and Perl, and can be HTML-embedded. Using a PHP hosting provider rather than any old generic host save you loads of trouble, including not having to parse and compile your files or install and learn any additional web publishing tools. Learn More

Adult Web Hosting: Legalities

Adult web hosting can be lucrative, but there are a few things you need to keep in mind before launching such a venture. Make sure you know the subtleties of the law and the requirements for any legitimate adult web hosting business. Learn More

All About Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is a smart choice if you have decided that you need an entire server and Internet connection specifically reserved for your business activity. But how do you know whether it's time to switch from a shared host to a dedicated host? Learn More

All About Linux Hosting

A Linux hosting choice often comes down to cost, stability, and security. The open source Linux hosting alternative allows websites to be built on the Linux Operating System. Find out how Linux is different from Window hosting. Learn More

All about WordPress Hosting: Build Better Blogs with a WordPress Web Host

Bitten by the blogging bug? Then you've no doubt heard about WordPress hosting, one of the top blog publishing tools around. If you want to get the most bang for your blogging buck, it's probably time you looked for a WordPress web host. Learn More

Apache Web Hosting: How an Apache host can help you

If you plan to use Apache to help power your website and publish your web content - and chances are, you do - you'll want to find an Apache web hosting service. Read on for some basics about Apache web hosts. Learn More

Are unlimited hosting services for real?: How to evaluate an unlimited web host

Unlimited hosting sounds like an absolute dream come true. No barriers, no borders, no limits, no restrictions. Is it a little too good? Here's what to look for as you consider an unlimited web host. Learn More

Audio Website Hosting: What you need to know

When you're looking for an audio hosting service, you'll want to choose one that offers streaming audio. You'll also want your audio web host to have sufficient bandwidth and speed for your needs. Learn More

Australia Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting means that not only can you find great web hosting for your site(s), but you can also provide it for others as an extra source of income. Web hosting reseller programs let you act as a go-between for existing web hosting providers and new clients that you find for them. Learn More

b2evolution's Blogging Evolution

b2evolution website hosting will allow you to take advantage of all the advanced blogging options of b2evolution - the future of blogging. Learn More

Back up your site with website hosting: why, when and how

It's vital to back up your website content and databases regularly. Here's how your website hosting service and web hosting reviews can get you started. Learn More

Basic design tools and website hosting: a beginner's guide

Designing your website is a big step, and you should consider which tools you'd like to use as you select a website hosting service. Read on and get the best web hosting for you! Learn More

Basic web page elements: get top web hosting results

Before you build your site, it's important you know the basic elements of any web page. A great, functional web page is key to getting top web hosting results. Learn More

Best Canadian Web Hosting Companies

The Canadian economy is the eleventh largest in the world. Its GDP in 2011 was around USD 1.74 trillion. Learn More

Best UK Reseller Web Hosting Companies

In the UK, reseller web hosting is just starting to gain traction and is still in its infancy stage of growth. Learn More

Blog Hosting Basics

Blogging is becoming an effective way to communicate, market, promote and share ideas, products and experiences. Whether you're an expert looking to help others or a traveler wanting to share your adventures, here's what you need to get started in the blog hosting world. Learn More

Blog Website Hosting: 5 reasons a blog can help boost business

A blog is an easy way to connect with customers, promote your product or service and expand your reach. Read on for five good reasons a blog can help your business. Learn More

Build an e-commerce site: tools from your e-commerce hosting provider

Are you ready to make a jump into the e-commerce world? Here are some e-commerce hosting tips to help you launch a competitive, competent e-commerce website. Learn More

Building your e-commerce business: make business hosting work for you

As is the case with any new endeavor, building a successful e-commerce business takes time and diligence. But a great business hosting plan, with plenty of features, can make a big difference. Learn More

Business Web Hosting - Important Features

Your business web hosting plan needs to offer specific features to help you gain a competitive edge. After all, to be competitive, your business website should do more than simply provide visitors with information. Learn More

Business Web Hosting on a Budget: Finding a business web host to meet your needs

Business website hosting may be practically a necessity these days, but it doesn't have to break the bank. What should you expect to spend on a website? Read on. Learn More

Business Website Hosting: Why your business needs a website

Whether you are actually selling a product or service online or not, every business can benefit by taking advantage of business website hosting services. Learn More

Can you trust your hosting provider site?

You need to know if you can count on your hosting provider site for security, support and reliability. Here's how to conduct an accurate host comparison. Learn More

Canadian Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting means that not only can you find great web hosting for your site(s), but you can also provide it for others as an extra source of income. Web hosting reseller programs let you act as a go-between for existing web hosting providers and new clients that you find for them. Learn More

Canadian Web Hosting: Safely Transferring Your Site to a New Canadian Web Hosting Company

If you or your business is based in Canada, having a Canadian web hosting provider makes a lot of sense. It's convenient, familiar and you can pay in Canadian funds! Here are a few things to note if you're looking to make the switch. Learn More

Canadian web hosting: the advantages of finding a reliable host in your country

Canadian web hosting can be a benefit to you and your company, whether you live in Canada or not. Learn More

Cheap Hosting: Is it Really a Bargain?

Who doesn't love a deal? But sometimes, it's true, you really do get what you pay for. There are ways to weed through all the splashy promises and rock-bottom prices to find a well-priced web host that offers the support and services you need. Learn More

Choose a Web Host: How to Choose a Web Host

Finding the best web hosting company to suit you and/or your business isn't always easy. But with a little research, some independent reviews and careful examination of the hosting plan, you'll quickly narrow the choices down. Learn More

Choose cPanel Hosting: The Advantages of cPanel Website Hosting

cPanel hosting is a popular choice for many website owners and developers. cPanel is the industry-leading control panel for good reason: it's intuitive, easy to learn, and feature-rich. Here are 5 reasons to consider a cPanel web host. Learn More

Cold Fusion Hosting: An Introduction

Cold Fusion, a software suite by Macromedia, allows web-interactivity with databases. Thanks to cold fusion web hosting, you can now query, update, index, and chart databases from any web browser. Learn More

Colocation Hosting Defined

Colocation hosting provides you (and your business) the bandwidth of a large business with a cost only slightly greater than that of a standard, basic web hosting package. Since you own your own server, colocation is really all about control. Learn More

Communicate with your clients: web hosts offer e-newsletters

Today's web hosts offer you many marketing tools, including advanced newsletter options to help you effectively reach your client base. Learn More

Company Web Hosting: Best for your business

Finding the right company web hosting provider can be a tough job - and an important choice. There are a number of features you should look for to ensure you have a professional, powerful site. Learn More

Coppermine Web Host: Unforgettable galleries with Coppermine website hosting

A Coppermine web host will help you best use Coppermine, one of the most advanced - and easy to use - photo gallery tools available. Read on for the many features of Coppermine website hosting. Learn More

Database Hosting: Learn to effectively manage your data with a database web host

If your website is going to use databases as a way to manage content and contacts, it's best you choose a database hosting company with the power and features to meet your needs. The right database web host can help you effectively manage your data. Learn More

Database hosts 1: Options to watch for

When searching for a database website hosting service, keep an eye out for certain key tools and options to make your site management as easy as possible. Learn More

Database web hosts 2: Why you will need a database

Does a database seem like just one more thing you don't want to have to learn about? Databases are extremely useful and, fortunately, don't have to be difficult to set up. Learn More

Dedicated Hosting Explained

While dedicated hosting is more expensive than shared hosting or virtual dedicated server hosting, sometimes it is the best option. For reliability, speed and customization, dedicated hosting can't be beat. Is it time for you to make the added investment? Learn More

Disk Space and Bandwidth: How much do I really need?

Website hosting companies offer varying amounts of disk space and bandwidth to customers. You definitely need both - but how much? Learn More

Domain Name Hosting

Once you've built your website and secured a domain name, you need to bring the two together so that the general public can access your site. This is where domain name web hosting comes in. Learn More

E-commerce hosting and databases

An e-commerce site will generally use more than one database to organize both product and customer information. Here's more. Learn More

E-commerce tools: use popular website hosting features to grow!

Top web hosting services offer you the tools to promote your business and reach your customers efficiently. Here are some tips to help you get started. Learn More

E-commerce Website Hosting: Pick your shopping cart

E-commerce website hosting is nothing without a shopping cart. Here's a little information on some of the best web hosting shopping carts, including OpenCart, ShopSite, ZenCart and osCommerce. Learn More

Easy Web Design With Dreamweaver Hosting

Dreamweaver makes designing and developing websites easy - even for beginners. Dreamweaver website hosting is an absolute must if you choose to use this popular tool. Learn More

Ecommerce Hosting: A Few Key Points on Choosing an Ecommerce Web Hosting Company

Ecommerce is a booming business. As you prepare to leap into the already crowded market of the online business world, make sure you find an ecommerce web hosting company that's going to provide the security, reliability and support you need. Learn More

Educating Through Moodle Hosting: What is Moodle Hosting?

Moodle hosting supports Moodle, groundbreaking software that enables you to design and deliver online courses, lessons and multi-media learning activities. Learn More

Email Account Tools and Capabilities: How many email accounts do you need?

Web hosts generally offer a list of email options and features. Read on to find out about the different types of email - and how many accounts you may actually need. Learn More

Expand your market with Magento website hosting

A Magento web host will ensure you get the most from Magento, a new and extremely popular e-commerce application. Stable, flexible and chock full of features, Magento website hosting may be what you need to boost your sales! Learn More

Fantastico Web Hosts: Frequently Asked Questions

Fantastico is designed to make it easy to install various scripts on your website. To enjoy the true power of Fantastico, look for a Fantastico web host. Why? Read on for answers to your Fantastico website hosting questions. Learn More

Fast Web Hosting: Feel the need for speed?

To ensure your fast web host meets your need for speed, you'll need to do some research. Evaluate your site's needs and then examine fast website hosting services for uptime guarantees, reliability and other features. Learn More

Flash Website Hosting: How and when to use a Flash web host

Flash website hosting can help you add animations, graphics, videos and other multi-media features to your site - you don't even need programming skills! Find out more. Learn More

FrontPage Web Hosting

FrontPage is an industry-leading software program that can help even an inexperienced web designer create interactive and exciting web pages. A FrontPage web hosting company can streamline and simplify your web creation and management process. Learn More

Gain your customers' trust: website hosting and credibility

Today's customers and site visitors can be wary about revealing personal information as they shop and surf. Here are some website hosting tactics to try. Learn More

Get your website up: a beginners guide to web hosting and more

There's is a lot to think about before you sign on for an Internet hosting service and launch your first site. Here are some tips. Learn More

Green Web Hosts: Find out what they offer with green hosting reviews

Green web hosts are becoming more prevalent on today's market. Is it all hype or are there real earth-friendly reasons to sign on? We'll help you spot the legitimate green web hosts so you can do yourself, and the world, a favor. Learn More

Host Comparison: What you need to host a multi-media site

Look for certain key features in your host comparison to help find a secure, reliable host for your multi-media site Learn More

How to do a fair web host comparison

With all the web hosting sites online today, how are you going to choose what's right for you? Here's our guide to doing a fair web host comparison. Learn More

How to evaluate web hosting sites

Picking web hosting sites involves more than looking for a cheap hosting package. Here are a few extra things to consider. Learn More

How to measure the success of a site: use the best web hosting tools available

You've set up your site and now you want to know if anyone's been by for a visit. Here are some features you can use to evaluate the success of your site. Learn More

How to switch web hosting or domain hosting providers

Not happy with your web hosting provider? You can switch companies without any site downtime. Here's how. Learn More

How to use affordable web hosting without looking cheap

Of course you want affordable web hosting - but you don't want to lose out on features, customer service, or a professional-looking site. We're here to let you know you can find an affordable hosting provider with all the bells and whistles you want. Learn More

How web hosts protect you: the best web hosting services offer useful security tools

Although website security is ultimately up to you, web hosts offer you useful tools that, when properly engaged, can help your site stay stable and secure. Learn More

Image Web Hosting: How to protect your work

No matter what image web host you choose, it may be impossible to completely protect your pictures from ever being copied or stolen. But the right image website hosting service and a little know-how can make a difference. Learn More

Internet hosting alert!: What to watch out for when choosing web hosts

To avoid paying an Internet hosting company too much for too little, note these 5 things to watch out for when choosing web hosts: some free (and some cheap) hosting, restricted services, contractual commitments and not knowing your needs ahead of time. Learn More

Internet Hosting Companies: Choosing the right Internet hosting company

With so many web hosting providers out there, choosing the right one for you can be an overwhelming task. Here is a list of some of the key features to look for to help you evaluate hosting providers and your own needs. Ensure you make the right choice. Learn More

Intro to ASP Hosting: ASP Hosting Explained

ASP allows you to create imaginative, interactive web pages, and for your website to appear just as you intend on everyone's computer regardless of the browser they are using Learn More

Is a cheap hosting package for you?

These days, many cheap web hosts offer the best in reliability, features and security at a price you might not believe. Learn More

Is Drupal Hosting for You?: Advantages of content management with a Drupal web host

Drupal is an open-source content management program, and Drupal hosting is popular among many web designers and content managers for its simplicity and reliability. Here are some basics to consider if you're looking at a Drupal web host for your website. Learn More

Java Hosting: Applet Basics: All About Java Hosting

Java is an appealingly simple programming language that can boost the functionality of your website. Using a Java hosting service can help ensure that most computers around the world can read your website, just as you designed it. Learn More

JSP Hosting Basics

JSP (Java Server Pages) can give you incredible creative and functional freedom, allowing you to create dynamic web pages. Find out more about this useful server side script and how you can use it to your advantage. Learn More

Keep your website sharp: maintenance and web hosting tools

Now that you've launched your website, you want to make sure it stays fresh, interesting and always attractive to visitors. Learn More

Looking For a Discount Host?: The Dos and Don't of Discount Web Hosting

Everyone's after a discount but we all know that some bargains aren't all they're cracked up to be. In the web world, where discount hosts seem a dime a dozen, it's important to watch for the danger signs. Here, a guide to discount web hosting. Learn More

Low Cost Web Hosting: Why it's better than free hosting (really!)

Free hosting is certainly appealing, but it has significant limitations that may turn into brick walls for you or your business. Sometimes it's worth a few dollars for vital added services, support and security. Learn More

Mambo: The Power of Mambo Hosting

You may not know it yet, but Mambo is all around you. Read on and find out about the value of this popular and easy-to-use website development and management tool. Learn More

Managed Hosting: A Guide

Managed hosting brings web hosting service to a whole new level. Not only do you get to lease a dedicated server all to yourself - with all the considerable benefits that brings - but you also have access to a range of support and services, from testing to troubleshooting. Learn More

Miva Web Host: Help your web business boom

Miva web hosts support Miva script and all its offerings - specifically, Miva Merchant, a high-end shopping cart and leading e-commerce tool. Learn More

Most popular website features: tools from your web hosting provider

Some are trendy, some are standard. Today's successful websites include many of these features, and your web hosting provider will give you the tools to offer them. Learn More

Music Web Hosting: Make sure you get heard

Music web hosting requires certain tools and features - and a significant amount of disk space and bandwidth. Find out more about what to look for in a music website hosting provider. Learn More

MySQL Hosting

MySQL is a heavy-duty database server, allowing you do manage and store data efficiently and effectively. Here's what to look for when choosing a MySQL hosting provider. Learn More

Perl Website Hosting: Why programmers love Perl

Perl website hosting is a popular option among web developers who use Perl as their programming language of choice. Read why Perl is beloved in the programming community - and how that can help you. Learn More

Photo Website Hosting: Be seen with a photo web host

Whether you're an amateur or a professional photographer, you want your pictures to look their best at all times. Find the right photo website hosting service and put your gallery up for all to enjoy! Learn More

Professional Web Hosting: Negotiating the professional hosting jungle

With so many web hosting services out there, how's a fledgling business to choose the right one? From features to security, support to money-back guarantees, here's what to look for in a professional host. Learn More

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is catching on like wildfire! RoR is a set of useful software tools aimed at creating database-driven web applications with maximum speed and simplicity. It's worth learning more. Learn More

Ruby on Rails: An Introduction

Ruby is a dynamic scripting language for programming all sorts of versatile operations, from processing text files to performing system management duties. Invented in 1993, Ruby is an object-oriented programming language. Learn More

Selecting a website hosting provider: a checklist for beginners: 

There are a few key points first-time website owners should consider while looking for a web host. Learn More

Server Hosting Providers

Shopping for server hosting providers is difficult at best and confusing at the least. It's even more of a challenge when you don't know what questions to ask. Certain features are nice to have, while others can impact the credibility of your website, and ultimately, your business. Learn More

Shared Hosting: The pros and cons of a shared web host

Shared hosting offers a number of benefits to both start-up and established web sites. For the vast majority of web sites, a quality shared web host is the perfect option, with adequate resources and an excellent price point. Learn More

SSH Hosting (Secure Shell Hosting)

Secure Shell Hosting is a secure way to communicate with a computer that's not sitting right in front of you. With the safety of your data at stake, it's crucial to pick an SSH service provider that's up-to-date, reliable and ultra secure. Learn More

SSH web hosting security basics

SSH web hosting is important for anyone who has a network of two or more computers. Here are some considerations when choosing SSH web hosting sites. Learn More

The Best Web Hosting Service: How to boost productivity with top web hosts

If you have an online business, or your company has an online presence, then the best web hosting services can provide you with many ways to boost your productivity that everyday, average web hosts can't offer. Learn More

The Cheap Hosting Plan

None of us wants to pay more than necessary when we buy something, and this is particularly true of hosting services. The reality is, however, that you'll have to spend more in the long run if your hosting choice goes wrong. That said, it is possible to find a reliable cheap hosting plan. Learn More

The Web Host Review: Web host ratings help you benefit from the experience and research of others

What is a web hosting provider really like? You certainly don't have time to try all the hosting services out there for yourself. Turn to expert web host reviews and take advantage of those who have been there for true insight. Learn More

The Web Hosting Directory: Your most important shopping tool

Sometimes, getting the information you need is as simple as asking the right questions. When shopping around for a server hosting providers, it's important to know what you're looking for and what answers you want to hear. Learn More

The Web Hosting Package: How to choose the best web hosting solution for your needs

The web is awash with companies offering feature-rich web hosting packages at attractive prices. Because having a reliable, professional web presence is so important in today's world, it's vital to find the right web host for you. Learn More

Tips for e-commerce entrepreneurs: pitfalls to avoid

Web hosting reviews can give you the tools, but it's up to you to use them to pull together a great e-commerce site. Here are four major pitfalls to avoid. Learn More

Top 10 web hosting features

A list to help your search: here are the top 10 web hosting features to look for when you're researching web hosting sites. Learn More

Top 10 Web Hosting Reviews - Updated August 2012

Hosting Review exists for a couple of simple reasons: because not all web hosts are built alike, and no single web host is right for all customers. Learn More

Top Web Host Companies: Qualities to look for in a web host company

Overwhelmed by choice? Startled by the number of companies claiming to be The Top Web Host? By carefully evaluating specific web hosting features, you'll quickly learn to separate the quality from the questionable. Learn More

Top Web Hosting: Features to look for in a top web hosting provider

What features should you look for in a top web hosting provider? For your convenience, here are some guidelines on what to look for in seeking out a top web hosting provider for your website hosting needs. Learn More

Top Web Hosting Checklist: Evaluate website hosting

To help you weed through all the chaff out there and find the "wheat" - the top web hosting companies in an industry inundated with website hosting providers - we offer the following checklist of the most important items to evaluate in a web host. Learn More

Trends in web design: use contemporary website hosting tools

Looking for some ideas on how to bring your website up to date with the latest tools and trends? Your website hosting provider will likely support many of the following ideas. Learn More

UK Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting means that not only can you find great web hosting for your site(s), but you can also provide it for others as an extra source of income. Web hosting reseller programs let you act as a go-between for existing web hosting providers and new clients that you find for them. Learn More

Uk Web Hosting – Hosting-Review

Choosing the right web hosting company is an important decision. Your website represents your business and for some customers it may be the first interaction they have with your company . Learn More

Unix and Linux Web Hosting: What's the difference?

The terms "Linux" and "Unix" are often used interchangeably. While this makes sense sometimes, it's not entirely correct. Read on for more information about Linux web hosting and Unix website hosting. Learn More

Unix Hosting: A primer

For those with the right technical abilities, Unix hosting can offer a great competitive edge. It's cheaper than Windows hosting, offers access to plenty of open source software and the resulting constant updates. See if Unix hosting is for you. Learn More

Unix or Windows Hosting: Which is right for you?

In most cases, even if you use a Windows operating system, you can still subscribe to Unix web hosting. Here's how to decide which is best for you. Learn More

Uptime Guarantees and Website Hosting: What do they really mean?

Most website hosting companies advertise an uptime guarantee of 99% or more. Before you accept that number at face value, there are a few other things you should consider. Learn More

Use Web Hosting Reviews to Your Advantage: Find the truth about web hosting providers

The Internet is inundated with web hosts, so it's hard to choose which to use for your web hosting needs. But with web hosting reviews, you can compare web hosting providers and learn what you'd never know by reading the web host's sales site alone. Learn More

Virtual Web Hosting - Real Benefits for Your Website

Virtual hosting is the term used to describe multiple domains that are hosted on the same server. Virtual web hosting can be compared to leasing an item as opposed to purchasing it. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of virtual web hosting! Learn More

VPS Hosting: Pros and cons

Virtual hosting is a great option for small- and medium-sized businesses. If you want some measure of control over your host servers - but don't want to invest the time or money in purchasing your own dedicated server - virtual hosting could be the perfect solution. Learn More

Web Design 101: 8 rules to know

There are entire books written about web design, and most web hosting providers will offer additional resources and support. Here are a few notes to help you get started. Learn More

Web Host Ethics: What makes an ethical host?

Looking for web hosts? Find a top web hosting company that treats you well because odds are you're going to be with them for a long time! Visit Hosting-Review. Learn More

Web Hosting: Why do you need a web host provider in the first place?

You need a web hosting service to get your awesome website up and active on the Internet. If you've got the time and money, you can purchase, manage and maintain a server yourself - but in many cases, it's cheaper and easier to find a great web host to do it for you. Learn More

Web Hosting Reviews - 12 Definitions

Web hosting plan reviews, like those featured on this site, bring with them their own unique set of technical phrases. Familiarize yourself with some brief definitions in our handy web hosting glossary. Learn More

Web Hosts: Their key functions

Web hosts offer customers an array of features and services. But what does a web host actually do? Learn More

Webmail looks better with a RoundCube web host

A RoundCube web host supports RoundCube, an easy-to-use webmail application. RoundCube looks good, runs smoothly and works almost like a desktop email application! Learn More

Website security and Internet hosting: the latest threats

There are all manner of hackers and computer viruses to protect yourself from. Here are a few of the most prevalent, and what your web hosts can help you with. Learn More

Website security and website hosting: the latest solutions

While website security is ultimately in your hands, the right website hosting service will give you valuable tools and support you can use. Learn More

What can you do with Fantastico hosting?

As you do a diligent host comparison, it's worth checking if your web host provider offers Fantastico hosting. Here's why. Learn More

What Is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller hosting means that not only can you find great web hosting for your site(s), but you can also provide it for others as an extra source of income. Web hosting reseller programs let you act as a go-between for existing web hosting providers and new clients that you find for them. Learn More

What the heck is Joomla web hosting?: And other important questions about Joomla web host

Joomla web hosting is vital for anyone who plans to use Joomla, a popular content management system. Joomla can help you build a powerful, professional and feature-rich website. Read on and see if a Joomla web host is right for you. Learn More

What's in your data center?

Hosting reviews often rate the data centers run by web hosting providers. Here are some things to look for. Learn More

When is it time to upgrade?

Although most people can stay with a basic shared hosting plan indefinitely, some businesses or individuals may eventually need to upgrade to a more powerful hosting option. Learn More

Why Choose European Web Hosting?

When is European web hosting the right choice for you? It's no secret that North America, and Texas in particular, is where you'll find most of the world's web hosts operating. Learn More

Why you need a reliable host

Finding a reliable web host is one of the top 10 web hosting wishes of any web developer. Here's why. Learn More

Wiki Web Hosting: How to integrate Wiki on your site

Wiki web hosting is a new and exciting way of developing collaborative, knowledge-based sites. Read on for more about Wiki Internet hosts and their many advantages. Learn More

Windows Hosting: Windows Web Hosting Explained

Even if you have a Windows operating system on your desktop, it doesn't necessarily mean you need to use a Windows web host - though it may be the right choice, in some cases. Here's how to evaluate your Windows needs. Learn More

You know it's time to leave your current web host when

Sometimes, what you think will be the best web hosting service for you turns out to be anything but. Here are four clues that it might be time to move on. Learn More

Marketing Tool Articles

Bulk Email Software Programs: Stay in touch with your customers through the use of blast email software

Effective bulk email software program options help you stay connected with customers by gathering email addresses and sending automated messages. Bulk email software also saves time, money, and makes sure your correspondence reaches its targets. Learn More

Choosing Among Email Marketing Programs: Let your Software be your Email Campaign Manager

When choosing between email marketing programs, you’ll want to check into ease of use, autoresponder options, and tracking features. Also evaluate spam check and customer support before purchasing an email campaign manager Learn More

Email Marketing Software: What it is and How Email Marketing Solutions can Boost your Online Business

Email marketing software can be both a small and large business’ best friend. Harness the power of email marketing solutions to lower costs, save time, increase your customer base, and -- most importantly -- boost sales. Learn More

Email Marketing Solutions: What You Need to Conduct Successful Email Based Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing solutions vary from person to person and business to business, but one thing is certain: if you’re selling a product or service online – as a product developer or an affiliate – you will need an email based marketing strategy. Learn More

How to Choose an Autoresponder Service: Features to look for in Autoresponder Software

Sorting through features among autoresponder services can be an overwhelming task. However, because your autoresponder software is such an integral part of your email campaign, you’ll want to make sure a few basic standards are met. Learn More

Save Time and Money Using Autoresponders: Establishing your online business using Autoresponder Services

It often takes seven or more contacts with an online customer before he or she makes a purchase. Autoresponders facilitate the process of following up with prospects, automatically generating messages and tracking responses, so you don’t have to. Learn More

The Value of Online Survey Provider Reviews: Tips on Choosing the Best Web Survey Service for your Provider

Online survey provider reviews are a sure way to weed through the numerous online marketing websites to find the best web survey service for you. You’ll want to compare features, pricing, customer service, and final results. Learn More

Top 10 Tips on Contact Management Software: How to Get the Most out of your Bulk Email Software

Use these 10 tips and your contact management software to get your business’ email marketing campaign on the fast track. Bulk email software can make these efforts easier and more efficient than ever, while getting the results you need. Learn More

Web Survey Marketing: Finding the Best Online Survey Provider

Survey marketing is an indispensable tool for understanding your customers and today’s trends – if it’s done well. The best online survey provider will help design an email survey system that will work for you. Learn More

Online Fax Articles

Fax Software and Internet Faxing FAQ

Fax software can be confusing at first, but internet faxing is actually very easy to use. Fax software is increasing in popularity over the traditional approach to save time and money. Get answers to the most common fax software questions today. Learn More

Internet Fax Numbers

Internet fax numbers are an economical and time saving faxing solution. Internet fax service doesn’t require a phone line or fax machine and internet fax numbers can be used by virtually anyone. Find out why others are choosing internet fax service! Learn More

Internet Fax: What is a Virtual Fax?

Internet fax is the latest replacement of traditional fax machines that will save you time, money and space. Also referred to as virtual fax, internet fax doesn’t require anything more than an internet connection! Read more about virtual fax today! Learn More

Send Faxes Online: What to Look For in an Internet Fax Service

Choosing to send faxes online is increasing in popularity. Finding the best fax software is done by comparing providers. Many companies offer a trial to send faxes online for free so you can find the best fax software with no strings attached! Learn More

Why use an eFax to Email service?

eFax to email is a logical faxing solution for several reasons. Email fax software is a smarter environmental choice that offers crystal clear documents and huge savings! Get the biggest bang for your buck with eFax to email tips and information. Learn More

SSL Provider Articles

Buying SSL Certificates: What you need to know about SSL providers

Buying SSL certificates is not difficult, expensive or especially time-consuming – as long as you know what to look for. We examine the features offered by most SSL providers to help you make your choice. Learn More

Compare SSL certificates: Do an accurate SSL certificate comparison

Trying to compare SSL certificates? There are certainly a lot of options. Read on for some helpful hints on doing an effective SSL certificate comparison. Learn More

How does a SSL Certificate work?: SSL Basics

A SSL certificate ensures you can offer a secure connection between a web browser and server. It means you can safely conduct transactions, collect and process information. Here's how a SSL works. Learn More

Selecting the best SSL certificates: How to evaluate SSL vendors

The best SSL certificates are easily recognized, boast high-level encryption, and keep you and your customers secure. Here are some tips to finding the right SSL vendors for you. Learn More

Top SSL Providers: How to find the top SSL for you

Top SSL vendors are all vying for your money and your business. But you must take time to research and select the very best security measures for your needs. Follow these hints as you examine the top SSL providers in today's market! Learn More

What is SSL?: Why you need a secure socket layer to conduct online business

SSL, or secure socket layer, is a security protocol used by millions of e-businesses worldwide. SSL enables a browser to communicate with a server safely, encrypting the transmitted information so it cannot be accessed by an outsider. Learn More

Who needs a SSL Certificate?

While an SSL cert is most often used to secure online credit card transactions, any transmitting of personal information should be protected by up-to-date SSL certification. Learn More

Ecommerce Articles

How to choose the right e-commerce solution

Choosing the right e-commerce solution can be daunting. Here are some key questions to ask yourself before making a decision Learn More

Top e-commerce solutions: Make running an online business easy

Read 10 ways top e-commerce solutions can simplify your business and ease your workload Learn More

Use top e-commerce software to increase business

Top e-commerce software will let you do more than just manage your products, it will even help you increase your website traffic and more. Learn More