How to use affordable web hosting without looking cheap

Affordable web hosting is a must-have for any business these days, particularly a new business. It's almost unthinkable for a business - e-business or not - to be able to survive in the modern marketplace without a web presence. But not every business can muster up a lot of cash to design, host, market and promote its website. Fortunately, affordable hosting providers exist to fit just about any budget.

Alarm bells may go off as you read that last sentence, and for good reason. You may not have a huge budget for your website, but you sure want something that looks slick. After all, a shoddily designed or unpolished website can do you more harm than good. But how can you find and use affordable web hosting without looking cheap?

One of the most important choices you will make is in your web host. A good affordable web hosting service will give you the proper tools to create a clean, functional, creative website - and have the reliability and service to back it up. Pick the wrong affordable hosting provider and you'll have a poor web image and frustrated customers.

A quick search online will bring up a number of affordable web hosting options. Probably quite a huge number!

You may even see some free web hosting services, but be aware of what they promise. In exchange for free hosting, you may have to post advertisements (not of your choosing) on your website; you may face restrictions in terms of bandwidth and storage space. For more, read our article Low Cost Web Hosting: Why it's better than free hosting (really!).



How, then, to choose the affordable web hosting option for you?

  1. Check out our Top 10 Affordable Hosting Providers list. Here, we rate a number of the top affordable web hosting services on the market today, taking a number of features into account, including price, features, reliability and customer service.

  2. Decide what features you want in an affordable hosting provider. Do you plan to design your own website? Look for a company that's going to offer you easy-to-use design tools. New to the web world? You might want to make sure there's 24/7 customer service. Plan a busy e-commerce site? Make sure your site will be able to handle the traffic. These are just a few of the many points to consider when you choose a web host.

  3. Look for flexibility and scalability. If you're starting a new business - or relaunching an existing one - you don't know how your business is going to grow. Ensure your affordable web hosting service will let you upgrade quickly if you need to. Ideally, this should happen without penalty.

  4. Reliability. If your site is frequently offline, you're going to look either incompetent, untrustworthy or plain cheap. Make sure your web host has solid uptime guarantees in place.

  5. Price. It's all about affordability and you know what you can manage. Take your time and you will find affordable web hosting to fit your needs and cash flow. Don't settle for anything less.

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