Apache Web Hosting

How an Apache host can help you

Although Apache web hosting may sound unfamiliar, you've likely visited hundreds of websites powered by an Apache host - and perhaps even used one to launch your own site. Apache is actually at the base of most of the websites online today!

What is Apache?

Apache is an open-source web server platform. A web server platform offers a way to publish content from your computer system onto the Internet.

And what that means is this: Apache is what most web sites (more than 100 million of them, anyway) use to deliver content to you and all the other Internet users out there. When you type in a web address such as, the web server responds, serving up the information to you. Apache has become probably the most widely used web server operating today.

Apache and Apache web hosting have been around since 1995. Back then, it was one of the keys to the initial expansion of the world wide web - by now, the platform is definitely regarded as stable, reliable and practically indispensable.

What is Apache web hosting?

Apache web hosting is a feature of many of today's top web hosts, for the reasons listed above. If you're going to use the Apache web server to help run your website, you want a web hosting company that's going to be able to support you. Find a good Apache host and you'll have a solid foundation on which to build and promote your web site.

Why is Apache web hosting so popular?

Apache has remained solidly in favor among web developers over the years for a number of reasons:

  • It's easy to use
  • It's not attached to a single operating system: it can be used on both Windows and Linux platforms, for example
  • It's secure
  • It's an open source program



If it's open source, why do I need an Apache host?

Open source programs are free and available to be used by anyone. Developers and programmers have worked on Apache for years, tweaking and improving it constantly. In order to take full advantage of Apache, though, you will want to make sure your hosting provider offers Apache web hosting. Doing so will ensure simple installation, smooth integration, and any support you may need.

How do I choose an Apache host?

We suggest you start by examining one or more of the Top 10 lists of web hosts that may meet your needs: Business Hosting, E-commerce Hosting, Affordable Hosting or any of the range of others. Check out some of the top hosts listed and see if they also offer Apache web hosting.

Before you choose a web host, you may also want to read one of our resource articles. Have a look at Choose a Web Host, for example, or Top Web Host Companies: Qualities to look for in a web host company.

Do some research, make your choice and get started with Apache web hosting today!

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