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Whether you're operating a small personal website or a big online business endeavour, choosing the right web hosting service is key. Equally important is knowing to leave a web hosting service if it's not meeting your needs.

If you're looking to switch web hosts, you might want to consider one that's in your own back yard.

If you're based in Australia, there are a number of reasons you may choose to go with an Australian web host. First, of course, you'll be supporting your local economy, the same one you are living and working within. This in itself is a great reason to go with an Australian web host. But it wouldn't be enough, of course, if you couldn't count on the host to be reliable, fast and secure.

Fortunately, the web hosting services in Australia are, in general, at the top of the heap. The quality is high, and the available technology is equally impressive. Australian web hosts are known for their reliability, attention to security, and speed. Having a customer service team that is familiar with your specific market – and in your time zone – are also points in your favour.

Transactions in your currency tend to make for smooth financial interactions with Australian web hosts. Convinced yet?



Before you switch

Many web hosting customers delay switching providers, even when they know they should. It just seems like a pain! Fortunately, most Australian web hosting services are eager for your business and know exactly how to facilitate the switch with a minimum of downtime.

Use this handy checklist to make sure you're ready to switch to an Australian web host:

  1. Site backup. You must completely back up all your web files before you switch web hosts. This is a good habit to adopt in any case, but it is absolutely vital to do this before you cancel your account with your current web host. Use any FTP program to download the files from your current web hosting provider.

  2. Choose your new host wisely. Think about what you liked and didn't like about your old host. What are your needs moving forward? Find the Australian web host that offers the specific features you need and best meets your expectations.

    Consult our list of Top Australian Web Hosts to accurately compare providers!

  3. Make sure you have all your site details in hand before you request a change of web hosting companies. Know your domain name, the name of your domain name registrar, the username and ID (if applicable) that you used to register the domain name, and your new Australian web hosting company's name server information. Your Australian web hosting provider will likely provide these details in your welcome email; otherwise you should contact support.

Enjoy your new Australian web hosting home!

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