How to Choose an Autoresponder Service

Features to look for in Autoresponder Software

Picking the correct autoresponder services is crucial to any sort of email marketing campaign. Thankfully, there are a ton of autoresponder software options out there, but choosing the right one can be difficult. We’ll outline some of the common characteristics of a good service.

No limits - Make sure the autoresponder services you choose don’t put a limit on how many automated messages you send. Some autoresponder software will allow you to run on more than one website, which is even better.

Easy to use - Does the service you are looking into have a simple interface? Also make sure there are lots of templates to help get your message creation started. Autoresponder services with a “what you see is what you get” or WYSIWYG editor are the easiest to use and don’t require HTML knowledge.

It’s all in the message - The details of an autoresponder’s message delivery are extremely important. How far in advance can you set your message sequence? Is there a spam check? What is the deliverability rate for the software?

Can you customize? - Sure you want your messages to be as automated as possible, but you don’t want your customers to feel like just another number. Make sure that your autoresponder software is able to easily send customized messages without spending a lot of time in design.



It’s a numbers game - In order for you to know what’s working, what’s not, and how to plan future campaigns, you are going to have to measure your performance. The best autoresponder services are able to track recipient behaviors and present the results in a manner that’s meaningful and easy to understand.

Check out the support - Although most good autoresponder software is relatively simple to use, chances are you will occasionally need some support. Be sure to check out potential services to make sure they offer assistance when you need it. The companies that have the most confidence in their service are the ones that will also offer the most assistance. Additionally, check out the self-guided help sections of your provider. One with a lot of learning opportunities will help you grow as a marketer.

Go for a test drive - You wouldn’t buy a car without taking it for a spin, and we wouldn’t suggest you decide between autoresponder services before giving them a try either. Make sure any autoresponder software you are considering gives you the opportunity to try it out before committing. The longer the test drive, the better. If there’s a money back guarantee, that’s another plus.

In summary, you’ll want to make sure you scope out autoresponder services that are powerful, yet easy to use. Make sure that it provides plenty of feedback in the form of reports and that it has the flexibility for you to be able to react to this information. Most of all, make sure the autoresponder software is fully supported, and be leery of any autoresponder services that don’t offer to let you “try before you buy.”

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