b2evolution's Blogging Evolution

b2evolution website hosting truly is the next step in blog web hosting! If you're looking for advanced blogging software - especially if you're looking to run more than one blog on your site - b2evolution website hosting is the way to go.

b2evolution has set itself apart from other blogging tools in a number of ways, including its ease of installation and many features.

Why look for blog web hosting at all?

As outlined in our article on blog web hosting basics, a blog is, quite simply, one of the most effective methods of communicating with your website visitors. It can be interactive through the comments section, be an effective way to add new content, and will keep your visitors and clients coming back. Effective blog publishing can give your website a real personality your readers can relate to.

Why b2evolution website hosting?

A web host offering b2evolution website hosting is important if you want to manage your blog using b2evolution. A b2evolution friendly web host will ensure easy installation of the software (many offer one-click installation) and support Apache, PHP scripts and MySQL databases - all of which provide the foundation of b2evolution.

Why b2evolution?

Broad reach

b2evolution is multi-lingual. Not only is the software actually available in many languages, but it supports blogging in more than one language - even on one site. Unlike some blogging software, it also permits multiple bloggers and allows you to set up and operate more than one blog per site.



Spam filters

b2evolution hosting also offers the advantage of community-wide spam filters. Because b2evolution is open-source software (meaning it's not owned by any one person or business), its users and developers speak freely to one another. They work together to advance the product - and share information on spammers, blacklisting certain IP addresses across the board.


b2evolution website hosting includes file and photo management, private/protected posts, trackback and feedback, multiple blog themes and skins, comments and more. A large number of plug-ins are also available, including some which facilitate full integration with popular multi-media tools such as Gallery2, YouTube and digg.

If you're looking for blog web hosting, consider checking for b2evolution website hosting and get in on the b2evolution blogging evolution!

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