Basic web page elements: get top web hosting results

Many of the top web hosting companies will provide you with one or more tools to help you design your website simply and quickly.

For a refresher, have a look at our article on Basic design tools for details on Dreamweaver hosting, FrontPage hosting and others.

There are a few basic design elements and terms you should know as you plan your web page. You will likely come across these as you research the various domain hosting and design options.

Page Title: This displays at the top of your web browser. You'll want to choose words that effectively describe your site/business and include keywords you will want to rank for. This is very important! Some of the top web hosting providers also will provide learning resources about keywords and search engine optimization (SEO).

Fonts: These are the typefaces you will use for the text on your website. Choose one or two for regular text and another for your headlines. You want them to be consistent! Many fonts makes for a messy page.

Bookmarks and links: Used for internal jumps within a page, or to help visitors navigate between pages in your site. Check out the domain hosting provider's website for examples of how this can work. Links are used in three ways:
?    to link between different places on one long page
?    to link between pages on your site
?    to link between a page on your site and another site



 HTML or Hypertext Markup Language: This is the code that you use to make your regular text file show up as a dynamic web site. It's the language read by all web browsers and involves "tagging" certain words to indicate paragraph breaks, font styles, where graphics should be inserted and so on. A knowledge of HTML is a plus when you're trying to design a website, but beginners can take comfort in knowing that top web hosting companies will offer you a site building tool such as FrontPage or Dreamweaver, which will allow you to design web pages without knowing HTML.

Text: You don't need to know anything about domain hosting to know what text is! But remember, visitors to your website probably don't want to be overwhelmed with words and text. Think carefully about what you post on-line and use words effectively. Keep it to the point!

Graphics: Similarly, plan your graphics carefully. All top web hosting providers will likely give you enough disk space and bandwidth to display as many graphics as you want, as long as you're smart about it! Graphic elements may also include photo galleries and Flash animation. The only limit to the way your webpage will look is your imagination.
Read our top web hosting reviews for information on the many tools a great domain hosting company will offer you!

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