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The Canadian economy is the eleventh largest in the world. Its GDP in 2011 was around USD 1.74 trillion. A large portion of its GDP results from import and export activities that take place between Canada and other countries. For example, in 2008, goods worth more than $442.9 billion were imported to the country that led to profit generation by local companies. Canada’s economy is considered a mixed one and ranks above a number of western European countries and the US in terms of freedom according to an index released by Heritage Foundation’s. Given Canada’s frequent dealing with parties outside the borders, its businesses realize that the presence of touch points on the Internet for potential suppliers, business partners, and clients is extremely important.

There are several advantages of having a presence on the Internet that are enjoyed by Canadian businesses. Firstly, they get the opportunity to present their products and services before parties that might show interest in them later on. Secondly, online presence makes it easier for other parties to contact and communicate with businesses in Canada. Thirdly, touch points of businesses on the World Wide Web, such as virtual stores, also allow customers to place orders for their products and services with just a few clicks. Hence, most Canadian businesses today have realized the importance of seriously maintaining websites, blogs, and other touch points for consumers.

The decision to create and maintain online portals leads businesses to search for solutions that allow them to acquire space on the Internet. When businesses search for solutions related to best web hosting Canada, there are numerous options. Yes, there are tons of companies that provide web hosting services to businesses in Canada. Their number is rapidly increasing because of the rising demand. Different types of hosting plans have been made available for clients, some of which include dedicated hosting, shared hosting, and cloud hosting. Dedicated hosting and cloud hosting are two exclusive types of web hosting, which are relatively more expensive, shared hosting being the more economical route to go. For each type of hosting, Canada has different service providers. Before we present the reviews of the best hosting companies in Canada, let’s go through a brief introduction of the three types of web hosting services.

When speaking of dedicated web hosting, Canada’s large businesses have to be mentioned, as they are the core clients of dedicated hosting providers. The service lets an organization buy a server all for itself. Large organizations buy servers entirely for themselves because the amount of data they have to upload and manage on the Internet requires a lot of space and bandwidth. They also do so because they have the resources i.e. funding to afford the cost of acquiring an entire server. Another benefit of not sharing a server with any other organization is added security. Shared hosting is another type of web hosting service. It lets service providers divide servers into different logical compartments. Each compartment is then sold off to different organizations. It is possible for an organization to buy more than one compartment on a single server. Such a solution is beneficial to organizations that do not have humongous amounts of data to upload to a single domain on the Internet. Hence, when companies offer services related to shared web hosting, Canada’s medium sized businesses show great interest. Given the relatively small sizes of these logical compartments, the price paid for them is low too. The third type of hosting, and the most recent of all developments in the world of hosting services, is cloud hosting. Yes, for those in need of cloud hosting, Canada is a market where they can find lots of choices. Some of the options they have offer the best services in the world. Clients of cloud hosting have the privilege of paying only for the space that their data occupy and for the time duration it does too. There are no fixed costs associated with the package. Also, server space can be easily increased or decreased depending on clients’ request.

When it comes to selecting among the different companies providing web hosting services in Canada, clients keep in mind factors including quality of customer service, package pricing, complexity of web support features, and flexibility.

Listed on our site are reviews of Canada’s best shared hosting providers. Hosting-Review has taken the time to not only verify information presented on each company’s website, but also has trialed their services. This gives customers a non-biased opinion of each company’s offering, so you can make a knowledgeable and informed decision about which Canadian hosting provider is right for you. Please take a look at some of our video reviews to see exactly what each company has to offer.

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