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Choosing the right web hosting company is an important decision. Your website represents your business and for some customers it may be the first interaction they have with your company . The website you create speaks volumes for you and you want it to look professional. When looking for the Best UK web hosting sites, make sure you choose one that will accommodate your web design skill level. Many UK hosting sites offer a control panel that makes designing your web page a breeze. An effective control panel will offer you the tools to help you build a website on your own, so you don’t need to hire professional services. It should give your site a tech savvy edge, even if you don’t know how to write a script and are a beginner in web design. Many UK hosting sites offer different features such as email hosting, invoicing, and shopping cart features. Icon-based control panels– such as cPanel - also ease up site designing.

It is important to plan ahead when deciding on a web hosting company. Decide what your goals are for your website and what you want to do with it in the future. Some web hosting companies are sufficient for small businesses with fewer demands, but if you have bigger plans for your website, you need to look into how much disk space or bandwidth is being offered through the company. If you plan on having many features on your site (chat room, email, videos, etc.), you should go with a web hosting company that offers more space. Try to find a hosting company that will meet your future, as well as your current needs and will help accommodate your growth without costing too much in the future.

Price might be a key element when looking to host, but not necessarily the most important thing. It is important in today’s economy to save money, but ensure that you are not skimping on value and effectiveness by choosing a company based on hosting costs alone. Remember that your website will be representing your company and that it is important to make a good impression on new clients. Choose a web hosting company that will offer great website building tools and reliability, while staying within your budget. It can hurt your business if your site is often unreliable and there is too much downtime. Website reliability is paramount to keeping customers happy and not missing out on transactions. Downtime could cost you money, so it's important to look into reviews and see how reliable the web hosting company is. Many hosting companies offer near 100% reliability guarantees, but the best place to gauge reliability is through consumer reviews.

The last thing you might want to consider is whether to go with an overseas web hosting company or to go with a local UK based one. A definite advantage of going with a UK based hosting company versus overseas companies is speed. There is faster loading capability if you host from the UK and your target client demographic is there. Data travels shorter distances and pages load much faster. Sometimes there may be poor communication issues and outages between the overseas host and your local website. To ensure reliability and speed, it is best to go local. Going with a local UK based web host will also support local businesses. So in the end, whatever hosting company you decide upon, make sure it has the features to make your website look professional and to support your current and future needs. Ensure to choose a company with good reliability to minimise downtime and good customer support to help you.

Reliability is very important and the feature that comes hand in hand is the web host’s customer support. Customer support is of the utmost importance in terms of building your site and resolving downtime issues. Many sites offer 24/7 support with live operators. When your site is down or you are having a hard time setting it up, the last thing you want to be doing is running through FAQs trying to resolve it on your own. One thing to watch out for as well is that some phone based customer support may not always be toll-free; so if an issue takes a while to resolve or if the site has issues often, you will end up paying for it. Another important feature in choosing a hosting company is backup/restore services to ensure you don’t lose important information if the site goes down. Hosting sites also offer protection against hackers and a built-in antivirus which are a definite plus in protecting your customers and business, especially if you’re conducting online transactions. Some sites offer transactions through PayPal to ensure security. Take this into account because as a business, you are liable for customer information and it is vital you have proper Internet security for your website.

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