Blog Hosting Basics

Blog hosting might not even have occurred to you just a few years ago, but by now the blog has emerged as one of the leading promotion and marketing tools available. Blogging can be a cheap, effective way to communicate and interact with others - whether that happens to be family members, customers or members of an organization.

It's true you can turn to one of the open-source blogging programs and put together a basic blog hosted alongside many others. But, believe us, blog website hosting - putting your blog right on your own site, at your own domain - is a much more professional way to do it. And the additional creative freedom doesn't have to come with a significant price tag.

Many of the top web hosting companies, in fact, also provide blog hosting. Make sure you check the features list of any hosting company you are considering to see if it offers the blogging tools you want. The most popular and easy-to-use these days may be WordPress, but there are a number of other excellent and customizable blogging tools on the market.

When looking for blog website hosting, first of all you need to pick a good all around host. The same reliability, power and features that you want for your website also apply to your blog hosting needs. Consult our top website hosting checklist for some key points to remember when combing through the blog website hosting reviews, both on this site and in your own research.



Key points to watch for:

  1. Features. This is obvious. Make sure a reputable blogging tool is included in your basic blog hosting package. There's nothing worse than getting nailed with extra costs when you think you've got all your budget plans in line. You may want to think about other ways to communicate with your clients/friends/family/the public as well. Maybe you'd like the ability to add a discussion board to your site, or create a community forum. Look for these features as well.

  2. Security. You want your blog to attract a lot of people, right? Or at least the people you want to see it. But make sure no one can take away more than you bargained for. Security is of particular concern when you have a high-traffic site with many visitor comments. Make sure you know your blog hosting provider's security standards - and don't be confused by hosting lingo you don't know.

  3. Support. WordPress, for example, is quite easy to set up and use. But if you're new to the blogging world, you want to make sure your blog website hosting service has support available to you to guide you through set-up, updating and maintaining your blog. Look for tutorials, a solid knowledgebase and a good FAQ section as well as accessible live customer support.

A good blog website hosting service will allow you to blog securely, reliably, and with all the creativity you can muster. It should have the strength to support your vision and the service to make sure that vision comes across clearly on the computer screen. Blog hosting really is a bloggers best friend.

Check out the Top 10 Blog Hosting services list for reviews of some of the top blog hosting companies out there.

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