Blog Website Hosting: 5 reasons a blog can help boost business

Blog website hosting has changed considerably over the few years it's really been on the scene. What seemed to start as a diary for opinionated web surfers with too much time on their hands has become a valuable marketing and communication tool.

Even e-tailers, e-commerce web hosts and other businesses can benefit from the addition of a blog. Here are five good reasons to get a blog up and running on your business site:

1. Get to know your customers. And let them get to know you. By putting a personality up on your page, you become more than a product or service. Blog website hosting can allow you to interact with your clients - talk about what's important to you at the moment, invite comments and respond to these comments. One of the problems with Internet business in general is the lack of human or face-to-face contact. By talking directly to and with your clients, you overcome some of the cold and impersonal nature of the web.

2. Become an expert. By launching a blog and speaking as a professional, you immediately gain credibility. As people get to know you, they'll start to trust you, your recommendations and your thoughts. This can only boost your business potential and power.

3. Promotion. Use your blog to promote new products you're offering, especially if you're using an e-commerce web host. Talk about the good, bad and ugly on the marketplace. Use your blog website hosting capabilities to increase excitement about upcoming events, services, in-store promotions, sales or just about anything at all. Your blog website hosting service may also allow you to send out regular newsletters or email alerts - use these, in turn, to draw attention to your own blog.

You can also invite guest bloggers to contribute - in exchange for a position on other websites. By cross-promoting yourself this way, you are definitely using blog website hosting to the max.



4. Customer service. Whether it's e-commerce web hosting or not, customers do love to see that they're being listened to. What better way to prove you're responsive than by addressing customer concerns or comments directly in your blog? The important thing about blog website hosting to remember: if you encourage customer interaction and request questions, ensure you are able to respond in a timely manner. Otherwise, you've just lost as much as you could have gained

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