Business Web Hosting: ensuring a successful business

Looking for a business web hosting service? Making the choice can be intimidating – after all, the right business web host will be your best business partner, allowing smooth transactions, effective marketing and comprehensive customer resources.

Your business web host has to be secure, reliable, fast and feature rich. Downtime can ruin your reputation in minutes. A good business host knows this.

Here are a few things to look for as you pick a business web hosting service. Think about all of this well before you launch!



  1. Location. Where are you based? While you can find a business web host operating just about anywhere around the globe at just about any price point, you may want to consider choosing one that is in your specific market. If you're based in Australia, for example, consider an Australian web host. Canadians could look towards a Canadian web host; and those in the United Kingdom to a UK web hosting service and so on.

    While not absolutely necessary, choosing a business web host that operates in your currency and in your time zone could benefit you in the long run. Your customers may appreciate it too.

  2. Marketing features. Some web hosts, particularly good business web hosts, include marketing features in their basic web hosting package. Look for SEO tools, newsletter tools, autoresponders and mailing list management programs. At the very least, you'll need databases and e-commerce functionality.

  3. Email addresses. Your business web hosting service should offer you plenty of email addresses. Even if you're a one-person operation, you'll want a number of email addresses, including “”, “” and so on. It increases your credibility to do so.

  4. Stats. Who is visiting your site? What pages are they looking at? Where did they come from? Knowing these facts will help you design effective marketing programs. Make sure your business web host provides them. You should be able to see this information through your control panel.

  5. Security features. Find out about SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Security, site backups, anti-spam features and other security measures. Read up on your business web host's data centre: that should be incredibly secure (in terms of both network security and physical security) as well. Remember: your business reputation depends on it.

  6. Dedicated IP address. You need a dedicated IP address if you're going to conduct any sort of e-commerce operations. It's easiest if your business web host will sell you one through your account.

Your business web hosting provider can, quite honestly, make or break your business. Make sure you've done the required research and made the best choice in a business web host.

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Business Web Hosting: ensuring a successful business

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