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Canadian web hosting: the advantages of finding a reliable host in your country


Canadian web hosting is a smart choice if you live in Canada - that may be a no-brainer. But did you know that finding a reliable host in Canada may also be a smart choice if you live elsewhere? There are a few key reasons why more and more individuals and companies are turning to Canadian web hosting; we'll outline a few here.

1. Privacy regulations
Canadian web hosting providers have to abide by strict privacy regulations regarding the way they manage and store data. This appeals to many customers who are searching for a reliable host, yet are worried, thanks to the high number of news stories about data breach and privacy laws. These days, the fear of identity theft and fraud are high, and many consumers and businesses put a value on data. Canadian web hosting companies, in general, operate to the highest standards of privacy and security.

2. A reputation for friendliness
While great support means nothing if you don't have a reliable host, customers almost always name customer service as a key factor in choosing a specific hosting service. Canadian web hosting services, like Canadians in general, have a global reputation for being friendly, patient and helpful. If you're frustrated with your website or you have a million questions to ask about adding new features to your site, don't you want a kind voice on the phone? With Canadian web hosting, odds are you'll find a reliable host who will provide just that.

3. Technologically advanced
Canada is known as a leader in tele-communications and computer and Internet engineering. Most Canadian web hosting providers take true advantage of this and offer cutting edge hosting services, backed by top-of-the-line infrastructure and data centres. For a reliable host, look to Canadian web hosting.

4. Available power
Canada has been called an energy warehouse. With huge hydroelectric projects, oil and gas reserves and more, Canada is an exporter of electricity... because it has a surplus. This in turn means Canadian web hosting services rarely have to deal with massive power outages or power restrictions. Your Canadian web hosting provider will be a reliable host for you - especially important, of course, if you're looking for e-commerce hosting, business hosting or any type of service that is going to make or break your business.

Canadian web hosting providers have made a name for themselves as secure, advanced and reliable hosts, able to meet your needs.

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