Communicate with your clients: web hosts offer e-newsletters

Many web hosts offer tools that can help you prepare and distribute a newsletter. Newsletters can be as formal or informal as you like. They can be as simple as a note sent to family members to remind them to check your personal site for new photos; newsletters can also be an exceptional business tool, offering a proactive way for you to stay in touch with your clients and keep them up-to-date on all your company news, latest products and promotions. Read hosting reviews and see which web hosts offer newsletter options and capabilities.

In hosting reviews, look for certain features that will help you manage and distribute your newsletters efficiently:


An autoresponder is a tool offered by many top web hosts. Just as the name suggests, an autoresponder will automatically respond to an email - you could use it to acknowledge receipt of an email, for example, or thank someone for visiting your site. An autorespoder can also be set up to send out promotional offers, coupon codes, or your newsletter. Check hosting reviews to see if the packages offered by specific web hosts offer an autoresponder service. It may also be termed an auto email marketer.

Some web hosts with restrictions on your bandwidth may not allow you to send bulk email, by autoresponder or otherwise. In this case, you may want to look into a higher level business hosting service, or a separate autoresponder, which generally carries a small additional fee.



Mailing lists

Before you send out your newsletter, you need to ensure your mailing list is in order. Many web hosts have a mailing list management tool; this will likely be a type of database. Read hosting reviews for the Top 10 Database web hosts for more information on hosts that offer this great service; check out our article on Database Hosting for details on how this type of service can help you and your business.

Having a well organized mailing list is key to efficient delivery of your mailing list. As some web hosts, particularly shared hosting services, may limit the number of people you can email at once, it is vital to keep track of how many emails you are sending where.


Drupal is an excellent Content Management System (CMS). As such, it can help you manage many facets of your website, from your photos to text, music and more. Basically, it can manage your entire site content. Read hosting reviews and you'll also see that Drupal web hosts also allow a wide rang of other services and transactions, including blogs, forums and, yes, newsletter management.

Investigate the content management system offered by various web hosts and compare the newsletter options.

If you're running an e-commerce site, a newsletter can be of particular use. E-commerce hosting provides a range of ways for you to stay in touch with your customer base - and 62% of marketing execs include email newsletters as part of their marketing strategies. You can too! By checking hosting reviews and signing on with one of the many web hosts offering great email newsletter options, you'll have a wonderful business tool at your fingertips!

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