Company Web Hosting: Best for your business

Company website hosting can give you business advantages other web hosts simply can't. As a business owner or company manager, you're looking for website hosting that offers the space and speed you want, as well as specific business necessities, including your own domain name, multiple email aliases and e-commerce access.

Reading company web hosting reviews can certainly be a good place to start. If you can find independent company web hosting reviews (i.e. not written by a web hosting provider), they should help you evaluate a host on things like price, reliability, feature set and more. You need to know exactly what you're getting for your money - you have a company budget to stick to, after all!

Space and speed

Most sites, even moderate e-commerce sites with hundreds of photos, can get away with 5 MB of disk space or less. These days, many company website hosting providers offer unlimited disk space and bandwidth - this can be an advantage, but ensure you read the fine print. "Unlimited" does carry some limits, unfortunately.

Domain names

If you want your business to be taken seriously, you want your own domain name. This would look something like and not (if you don't receive your own domain name) Company website hosting should offer this option. This domain name should be yours for life - if you decide to change web hosts, you should be able to bring your domain name right along with you. Read our helpful article for more About Domain Hosting.

E-mail aliases

Consult the company web hosting reviews to see how many email addresses you're allowed. You will want several, even if your company is quite small. You don't want clients thinking sales, subscription and comments all go to the same person, do you? These addresses could all filter through to the same person - or to various staff. Company website hosting should offer you quite a high number of these.



E-commerce features

Ok, if you're looking for company website hosting to run an e-commerce business, it likely goes without saying that you want e-commerce capabilities. Examine what you are being offered. Some web hosts only include starter level e-commerce packages; if you plan to grow at all, you may find these options leave you either stifled or paying extra fees. Read company web hosting reviews to help you decipher the various shop features and limitations. For starters, check out our helpful Top 10 E-commerce Hosting Companies list.

Extra features

Think about what additional factors you'd like to add to your company site, and see if the company website hosting service offers them. Many professional sites rely on blogs and forums to interact with clients; what about a photo gallery or streaming audio?

For more on company website hosting, read our article on Business Website Hosting. You may also find it helpful to read the business and company web hosting reviews of our Top 10 Business Web Hosting Companies.

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