Comparing Antivirus Security with Internet Security

You’ve got your brand new computer, you’re all set and ready to go and the sales-person asks, “have you considered virus protection for your computer?” Well, if the answer to that question is “no” you’ll likely be in for an earful. If you have no idea what the sales-person is talking about it can be pretty overwhelming. Before trying to figure out which type of protection is best for you on the spot, it’s best to do a bit of research - that’s why you’re here! This article will shed some light on the main differences between antivirus software and internet security.

The difference between antivirus and internet security protection isn’t quite a black and white, apples to oranges situation, it’s more like comparing apple pie and apple pie with ice cream - great, now I’m hungry. Think of antivirus as good ol’ apple pie, a couple of layers of goodness, not too overwhelming and it satisfies you just nicely. With antivirus products blurring the lines between simple antivirus software and internet security, you’ll find a lot of antivirus suites have similar characteristics to internet security suites - that’s why we started with apple pie as opposed to just apples. Many antivirus software suites include features like anti spyware, anti-adware, protection from malicious links via social streams, and even anti-phishing - features that used to be exclusive to internet security suites. A lot of antivirus suites will now be labelled as antivirus “plus”, so these features are more common in this type of product, but keep your eye out because that’s not always the case.

Internet security suites are more like apple pie with ice cream - all the goodness of before, but with the added extra feature of ice cream to sweeten the deal; the only downside is it’s a bit pricier. Internet security suites have all the same characteristics of antivirus suites, but throw on a bunch of extras to provide added security such as two-way firewalls, file shredders,, secure online shopping and banking, virtual keyboards for typing in credit cards and other sensitive information, and more bonuses. Many internet suites also include some kind of parental control to block children from accessing websites they shouldn’t be on. The added features in internet security suites are a lot of the times handy, but not essential. Unless you want maximum protection, your best bet is to try and find an antivirus product that also provides the internet security features you want without any of the sweet addons.

As with desserts, sometimes people don’t need that much “goodness” and they’re content with just having apple pie. In the end you need to evaluate how much you think you’ll need the features offered in an internet security suite and if it justifies the extra cost. Just don’t let a sales-person use scare tactics to rope you into buying something you’re not familiar with. Now that you’ve got the info you can make your own decision. For some help, you can check out the top 10 antivirus programs and see if they have what you need.

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