Compare SSL certificates

Do an accurate SSL certificate comparison

Making the effort to compare SSL certificates is an important part of finding the right security option for your website or websites. By placing different SSL vendors and options side by side, you can make an accurate SSL certificate comparison and, hopefully, find the right SSL for you.

How much can you afford?

The first thing you'll probably look at as you compare SSL certificates – and we don't blame you – is price. And while price is important, especially if you're just starting your business on a tight budget, it's not the only factor you should consider while doing an SSL certificate comparison.

Other key points:

  • Does your SSL certificate come with a warranty?
  • Is the encryption of a high enough standard (look for minimum 128-bit encryption)? 
  • Is technical support going to be available when you need it? 
  • What is its browser recognition (look for 99% minimum)?

If you are satisfied on these points – the most basic facts needed to compare SSL certificates – then you can start choosing by price!



Other features to consider:

How many domain names do you want to secure?

As you compare SSL certificates, you'll see that some will let you secure one domain; others permit multiple domains. Make sure you choose the SSL type you need.

How important is it for you to gain your customers trust?

This may seem like a silly question – of course you want your customers' trust! – but the more site indicators you want, the more it may cost you.

For example, if you want your site to show a basic level of security (with the “https” and locked padlock indicators), you may want to purchase a basic or standard cert. This is also often called a “domain validated certificate” – as long as you own the domain, you may purchase one of these. Quite often the purchase process is automated and you may be able to set up your SSL almost immediately.

If, however, you would like a green address bar or to have your business name listed in the address bar, you may need to pay more. In this case, you will want to compare SSL certificates called “extended validation certificates” or “high assurance certificates.”  These require a more extended validation process, and you will have to wait a little longer to get set up for this reason. You may find, when doing an SSL certificate comparison, that this wait period – and additional fee – is worth it.

You may come across other types of certs as you compare SSL certificates. Take your time as you read up on each one – you will find the right SSL for you!

Please also see our article on Selecting the best SSL certificates for more pointers!

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