Top 10 Tips on Contact Management Software

How to Get the Most out of your Bulk Email Software

It’s crucial to get the most out of your contact management software in order to build a successful email marketing plan. We’ve included the top 10 ways you can use email marketing to get ahead. Each suggestion shows how you can use your choice of bulk email software to increase your leads and sales.

  1. Use your contact management software to capture all visitors’ emails. Whether someone is on your website for the first time or they are a regular, you’ll want to make sure you have each person’s email address for future campaigns. This is the foundation of your email marketing campaign.
  2. Use the autoresponder function included in your bulk email software to organize and send helpful information and tips to your customers. Remember, the more knowledgeable your customers are about your service or product, the more use they will get out of it. Ultimately, this means return and referral business for you.
  3. Create a newsletter list. Use your contact management software to go well beyond giving short hints about your products. You can get in-depth about your products, services, and industry. This is a great way to establish yourself as an industry expert and, again, to educate customers.
  4. Blog or tweet. Use your bulk email software as a way to remind customers to check out your blog or twitter posts.
  5. Take advantage of your contact management software to send sales notifications. If someone has taken the time to sign up for your email list, then chances are they want to know about any special sales. Whenever you are having great deals, let your customers know. The great thing about the internet is that even if your customers aren’t interested, they can easily forward the info onto someone who is. In fact, a great way of incentivizing sign up is to offer email-only coupons.
  6. Use your bulk email software to get reports. One of the best aspects about using contact management software is that you don’t have to have a degree in statistics to benefit from some really useful reporting. Use these powerful tools to better understand your customers.
  7. Bulk email software can help you segment your market. Once you have enough data, go ahead and segment your market. Customers are much more likely to respond to customized offers. Once again, use your contact management software to figure out which deal is appropriate for a particular demographic.


  1. Get viral. Word of mouth is great, and with email word can spread pretty quickly. Provide a way and an incentive for your customers to pass on some of your email campaign information. Start a “refer a friend” program where both the referrer and referee get a special bonus.
  2. Send reminders. If there is any sort of upkeep or maintenance required with the product or service you offer, make sure you set your autoresponder to send reminders at appropriate intervals. This will help your customers get more satisfaction out of your products and increase repeat business for you.
  3. Do something nice. If your company is taking part in a charity event or drive, don’t be afraid to use your contact management software to let folks know. The charity will be extremely appreciative, and your company will get some great PR for being socially responsible, while your customers can learn how to help. It’s a win for all involved.

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