Coppermine Web Host

Unforgettable galleries with Coppermine website hosting

A Coppermine web host takes online galleries up a notch. No - make that several notches, in both robustness and added feature sets. Coppermine website hosting offers you power, speed and everything you need to take advantage of a long list of useful tools.

Coppermine web hosts are ideal for hosting sites that use Coppermine, an advanced photo gallery tool. Although advanced, Coppermine remains easy to use and is based in the familiar PHP script. Those not used to online galleries will enjoy that there are many templates to choose from; those with more experience may enjoy the flexibility of building their own templates. Use a little of each and adapt your display site to your taste.

Coppermine website hosting is ultra customizable. You can set your Coppermine site to allow multiple users; you can place galleries in categories or subcategories and other groupings. You can use Coppermine to allow comments on pictures, search photos and even send e-cards.

A Coppermine web host will also support these robust photo gallery features:

  • Multi-media support
  • Captions and titles
  • Slideshow
  • Albums, categories and parent directories
  • Thumbnail creation
  • Multiple languages
  • Image rotation
  • Last added and random picture feature
  • Select max height or width for thumbnails
  • Display thumbnails in a clickable film strip
  • Password-protected albums
  • Advanced search
  • Online help
  • And many more



What you need to look for in a Coppermine web host:

First of all, you need reliability, speed, bandwidth transfer and enough disk space to hold all your photos. Read our article on image hosting for further details on some of these items.

One of the many great things about Coppermine is that it doesn't require any fancy tools or tricks to operate well. That said, a Coppermine website hosting service should support PHP (4.2 or newer) and MySQL (3.23.23 or newer). You'll find most web hosts will offer these basic items.

It's exciting to launch a new online gallery, whether you're doing it to showcase family photos or you're a professional photographer looking to woo new clients. And either way - though especially if you make your living through photography - you don't want others coming in to steal your art! Although it is difficult to fully protect any photo once it is online, there are a number of things you can do to make copyright infringement and outright thievery more difficult. For more, take a few minutes to read our article on How to Protect Your Work.

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