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The Advantages of cPanel Website Hosting

cPanel hosting has solidly established itself as the leading web hosting control panel. Quite simply, a cPanel web host allows you to manage your website and domain through a single interface - one control panel that will allow you to build, maintain, update and manage your website and all its widespread functions.

cPanel hosting is equally advantageous to the starting site manager and the experienced web designer, the busy ecommerce site and the personal blog. cPanel is easy to navigate and a cinch to expand on demand. To get you started, here are 5 key reasons we heartily recommend a cPanel web host for your needs:

Proven security and stability

cPanel has been on the market for more than a decade. In the early days - back in the late 1990s - cPanel hosting was known to have a few bugs. Fortunately, the developers stuck with the basic model, reworking it into what it is today. The modern cPanel control panel gets rave reviews across the board for being reliable and secure. Choose a cPanel web host that believes in those same qualities, and you've got a solid foundation for your website.

Simple site management

cPanel hosting offers a fabulous central interface through which you can manage your site and all its functions. Use it to build your website and manage your email, web directories, error pages, disk space, databases, backups, FTP functionality and more. Most cPanel web hosts will allow you to set up a shopping cart. With cPanel you can easily see the disk space you have available, set your spam filers and more. It's a simple set up, organized with the beginner in mind - but with all the added bonuses an experienced cPanel hosting user will enjoy.




cPanel hosting is ready to go with all sorts of useful features. These may include all the things mentioned above, such as advanced spam filters and other email features (auto-responders, email forwarding, mailing lists and more). You can use cPanel to set up and activate databases, including MySQL.

The price

Some cPanel web hosts do charge a small extra fee for the use of cPanel, as opposed to another control panel. But if you've got your heart set on cPanel, look around. Many web hosting providers offer cPanel hosting as part of all packages. For no extra money, you'll have the power and simplicity of one of the most streamlined and popular tools on the marketplace. Believe us; cPanel web hosting is for you.

And more features:

The power of cPanel hosting can be extended with easily available add-ons, such as Fantastico. Many cPanel web hosts will include Fantastico in your start-up cPanel package - if so, take advantage of this! Fantasico, though your cPanel host, will allow you to quickly and simply add a number of free scripts, swiftly widening your web development and maintenance options. Fantastico permits the addition of, for example, WordPress publishing/blogging tool, Drupal or Mambo content management systems, ecommerce tools, discussion boards, forums and more.

Visit our Top 10 cPanel Web Hosts list to help you find the cPanel hosting service for you.

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