Database Hosting

Learn to effectively manage your data with a database web host

Database hosting is essential for any web developers or site owners looking to use databases as a key part of their site. Especially if you've got a database intensive operation - many large searchable databases - you want to make sure your database web host is up to the challenge.

If you are running programs such as Customer Relations Management (CRM, generally used to make sure you keep in touch with your customers and all their information, questions, comments or complaints) or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP, usually used by businesses to help them manage their various resources), you'll definitely want a database web host. These applications can put a strain on resources; but a good database hosting service should provide the space and bandwidth you need, without losing any speed or reliability.

For this kind of intensive database operation, you may want to consider going with a dedicated server; many database hosting providers offer this option. This will cost a little more than using a shared server - where one server is used by more than one domain - but you may find the speed, customizability and reliability are worth it.

If you simply have a few small databases to include in your website, most providers should be able to meet your database hosting needs. Read through the reviews of database web hosts and see who offers how many databases for the basic feature package price. Your needs may be easily met.



But again, if databases are your primary application and function, consider a dedicated server geared towards database hosting. Here again, you will have two options:

  1. An unmanaged server: this gives you ultimate control over you database hosting options. Databases, even with the best database web host, do require a considerable amount of administration - for sorting, organizing and optimizing the lists you are managing.

  2. A managed server: again, this will cost more, but it may be worth it if you don't have experience in database hosting. Here, your provider will take care of some of the administration, ensuring your databases run smoothly at all times. These services can be as wide-ranging or narrow as you want, from simple administrative tweaking to a full-scale overview of your options.

And so, here is the big question: do you really need database hosting?

Database web hosts serve a different purpose than simple having a web host that offers access to databases. If database applications are not your primary function, you may not need the power and cost database hosting can bring along with it. On the other hand, if you require a robust, customizable database server option, look to database hosting as the answer.

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