Database web hosts 2: Why you will need a database

Most web hosts will provide you with a number of databases and database administration options. As always, we suggest you consult hosting reviews before you sign on to any web hosts to ensure all the features and tools you are looking for are included.

Why would you need a database?

Web hosts don't just provide databases to make their features list look good in hosting reviews - they're really quite useful! Unless you have a small, static website that will never grow, you'll likely want some sort of a database. It doesn't have to be complex.

These days, some web hosts offer 25, 100 or even more databases to their clients. Hosting reviews often make note of this number, and you should too. You may never need 100 databases, but as your site grows - particularly if you're involved with e-commerce hosting - you may be surprised to find out just how useful they are.

A database is simply a way to organize information. It can be a list of your clients or customers, e-mail addresses for newsletter distribution, products and categories, or a compilation of research data you're working on. It can be a catalogue, address book or table. You can set up databases to be searchable by your site visitors, or only accessible by you.



What you need

Check database hosting reviews and you'll see that most web hosts today will offer MySQL databases. They're easy to use, open source, and virtually bug-free. And because MySQL is so popular, you'll find lots of support and research to help you along the way. (Take a minute to consult hosting reviews again - some web hosts offer a range of tutorials and/or knowledgebase articles which may help you get your database started).

To use MySQL (or another database type, as provided by your web hosts), you'll also need a script to help your website pages communicate with your database. PHP is one of the most popular; the PHP hosting reviews on this site can steer you in the right direction. Read more in our MySQL and PHP articles. Another popular script option is Java.

Make sure your web hosts offers the latest versions of PHP or any other scripts you might like to use. It's hard enough to set up your first website without being behind the times before you even get started! Hosting reviews should give you some insight into the web hosts reputation for keeping its feature set up-to-date. Customer hosting reviews may be especially relevant!

You should be able to start setting up a database through cPanel (or another control panel, for those hosts that offer something other than cPanel hosting). Click the icon and away you go! Your database web hosts will help you along the way.

Remember to check out hosting reviews before making your final decision. Visit our Top 10 Database web hosts!

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