Dedicated Hosting Explained

Dedicated hosting is a smart choice if you have determined that you need an entire server and internet connection specifically reserved for your business activity. Shared servers may be cheaper and less of a commitment than dedicated hosting, but these advantages will quickly fade in comparison to the problems you might experience. Without dedicated hosting, you could have problems with speed, reliability, and the ability to customize your website environment.

Speed: Dedicated Servers response time in a shared hosting environment depend highly on the activity of the other sites with which your company is sharing. Dedicated hosting enables you to better control your dedicated servers response time and more efficiently manage any related issues that arise.

Reliability: With a dedicated hosting environment, you have unlimited access to the operating system, software applications, and database applications. This allows you a reliable way to meet the needs of your customers - it's all there when you need it. Dedicated servers can also provide better security for your site, shielding you from the problems that can develop when others are using the same server.



Customization: As your company grows, your website will have to keep up with it. The dedicated hosting option allows you to adapt your applications, increase bandwidth, and upgrade your hard drive as needed.

Dedicated hosting is available with Unix, Windows, and Mac based servers. Take time to look closely at the various companies out there that offer dedicated hosting. Look at our dedicated hosting reviews, check out web hosting directories, and talk to those who have already chosen a company - find out what they think of their service. Shared service may be inexpensive, but it might not be the answer you are looking for. While dedicated hosting might cost more in dollars per month, it could cost you far more in profits and customer counts if you don't take the time to analyze your needs.

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