Looking For a Discount Host?

The Dos and Don't of Discount Web Hosting

Who doesn't love a discount? And why should a discount host be any different? We work hard for our money - and certainly don't want to pay out more than we have to, for anything. Especially for those who enjoy the challenge of shopping around, sniffing out good discount web hosting can be satisfying indeed.

And don't fear. There are good discount hosts out there, with the ability to both save you money and serve you well. But don't let a good discount come at a deep price. Here are some dos and don'ts of discount hosting - what to look for and what to steer clear of.

  1. Don't sign a contract longer than you're comfortable with. Naturally, the longer you commit to a web hosting service for, the lower the price - you can't fault a discount host for that. But is it really worth a dollar or two more a month to sign on for a five-year contract? That's a long time and it's hard to predict how your needs might change. If you do go for the long haul, and sometimes it's a great idea, make sure you know ahead of time what the cancellation policy of your discount web hosting service is.

  2. Do look for a contact number. Make sure you can actually reach the discount host before you sign on. Most disreputable companies don't post their phone numbers or mailing addresses (or not accurate ones, anyway). This information should be easy for you to find. Why not make a call to the company yourself? You'll get a quick feel for their level of service quickly when - and if - you speak with a real customer representative.

  3. Do read reviews. Sure, a review might be just one person's opinion, but if you spend some time surfing around, you'll find a few and they should start to paint a picture of the discount host you're considering. Do look at the source of the reviews, and learn to differentiate an advertisement from a review.



  1. Don't settle for less. And by this, we mean don't settle for less than the features you want. There are enough options out there that you don't have to pick a discount web hosting service just because it's cheap. Make sure it has the added features you need to build and maintain the website you want. Whether this is e-commerce capabilities or blogging software, make sure you get the goods.

  2. Do look for a privacy policy. If it's not there, don't even think about that discount host.

  3. Do a little more reading. Check out our articles on cheap hosting and low-cost hosting (why it really is better than free) for more tips about what to watch for when searching around for an awesome web host you can afford.

A discount web hosting service should treat all customers fairly. The customer service staff should be available to answer your questions; you should have all the services and security you need. Keep a few of these things in mind and get out there - go find the discount host for you!

Check out our Top 10 Discount Web Hosting list for reviews of some excellent discount hosts.

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