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Over two billion people around the globe use the World Wide Web each day. Indeed, we live in an age when going on the Internet is more frequent than going to the supermarket. Websites have become an important part of people’s lifestyles and the way industry conducts business.

Can you believe that, as of 2011, there were close to 400 million websites? Websites are integral to today’s business. People get a good sense of a company by looking at its corporate website. A well-designed and user-friendly site is good for credibility, marketing, and sales conversion.

If you are reading this, you are probably in the process of a starting a website. There are one or two things you should learn before jumping into the online world. Besides, if you are going to make an entrance, you should do what you can to make a big splash!

What’s in a name?

Building a website is a lot of work. You have to make sure all the key components come together to send the message you want people to see. You must plan the content, graphics, and the overall design. Once you have these major building blocks covered and ready to go, it is time to get your website some traffic.

What’s in a name? If you are talking about business, a name means everything. An effective website compresses its entire business into 15 characters or less. Your name has to be catchy and easy to remember. Remember that the more people visit a site, the higher the chances of converting this traffic into sales. In other words, a domain name is very important.

Once you have chosen a name, it’s time to consider domain name hosting. Every computer has its own unique IP address, much like people have their very own mobile numbers. But we really can’t go around asking people to visit a site called, can we?

Domain name web hosting gives your website a space on the Internet so people can find your website. In a nutshell, here’s how the magic works: When someone enters your website on an Internet browser, the Domain Name System or DNS matches your domain name to your IP address and then directs that person to your website.

Domain name hosting 101

Domain name web hosting is not something you do on your own, unless you are large company with the time and resources to do so. It can be quite difficult, as this basic checklist will show.

Things you need to host your own website

  • Technology skills.
  • A fast broadband connection that will support heavy traffic.
  • An efficient, high-quality computer that will run 24/7, and that will be used solely as a web server.

With all these requirements, it is no wonder that most individuals and businesses opt to go to providers who offer the best domain name hosting. As a consumer, you’re in a good place, as many companies offer reliable and affordable domain name web hosting.

Think economies of scale: Domain name hosting companies go into battle with an army of dedicated web servers that can support the needs of many clients. Because of their capacity, they will givr the public access to your domain all day and every day.

The DNS has an important job

You might not know it, but you use the Domain Name System or DNS every day. You benefit from the DNS every time you go online and key in a website onto the browser. Without the DNS, the World Wide Web would be a very busy and confusing place. It would be hard for the average person to visit a website if he or she had to memorize sequences of numbers instead of a domain name.

There are many DNS servers working at any given time. Internet technology has a series of processes that assign a particular user to a specific DNS site. After that, it is the domain name hosting service’s job to direct the flow of traffic to a specific website.

Money talk

Just how much will it cost to get your website up and running? Let’s look at some of the costs of registering a domain name and subscribing to domain name web hosting.

Consumers today have the advantage of choosing from many companies that offer the best domain name hosting. The first step is to choose a provider that will suit your needs and budget.

Registering a domain name can start as low as $6 per year, and skyrocket up to the thousands. The more in-demand the name, the higher the price you will pay. When it comes to domain name web hosting, be ready to pay from $3-30 dollars a month. Be sure to check out the company’s subscription plans as the fee usually goes down the longer you sign up with them.

Ready to get your website up and running? Build it and name it well, and claim the online space your company deserves.

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