E-commerce hosting and databases

Build your product catalogue

Unless you've signed up for e-commerce hosting and plan to only sell one or two items, you'll want to use a database to help you keep your product selection organized. Doing this properly will allow you to manage inventory levels, track sales, and display your products for visiting clients to see.

You'll find the best web hosting services offer both databases and e-commerce hosting capabilities to help you organize your store. The best web hosting for you will also give you the tools to display your products in a user-friendly fashion.

Staying organized is key! Nothing will turn off customers faster than having to deal with blank pages, incomplete product descriptions or badly organized categories. You want your clients to find exactly what they need, where they would logically expect to find it. It's not rocket science, but there are good and bad ways to get even a simple e-commerce hosting site off the ground.

Use the best web hosting service and set up a streamlined database system and you'll have a solid business hosting start!

Process orders

e-commerce hosting is, of course, about more than just displaying your products! A database is also the best web hosting method of letting people browse your site, select what they want, store it in a shopping card, and, eventually checkout.

A database can "hold" the customer's order during his or her shopping trip. It's a great advantage to your e-commerce hosting endeavor to take care of your customer's orders efficiently! And a database, once again, is a great way to do this.

The best web hosting providers for e-commerce hosting will likely provide at least one, and probably more, shopping carts for you to use to help hold items and eventually process orders. Read about some of the top shopping carts offered by the best web hosting services.



Track user accounts

Good e-commerce hosting means return customers! A database, again, is a useful way to keep track of your customers - you can note what they've purchased previously and when, as well as their shipping and billing addresses, telephone and email information, and any other details you'd like to collect.

This kind of database can make it easier on the customer when he or she makes a return visit, and can also provide you with important inventory and sales figures. What's selling? Who buys what, when? The best web hosting service will also provide analytics and tracking tools to help you with this.

Compile a mailing list

From your user accounts, it'll be easy to develop a database of customer contacts. Use these to send regular e-newsletters, coupons or announcements. Keeping in touch with clients is another key to successful e-commerce hosting! You best web hosting service will likely also provide tools to help you generate newsletters, mailing lists or notices.

Check out our Top 10 list of e-commerce hosting companies and Top 10 database companies for your best web hosting options!

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