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Top e-commerce solutions can help take a lot of the worry out of running a business. We all know starting your own business is tough – it's scary, intimidating, and a lot of hard work. Starting an online business can seem less risky than, say, a bricks-and-mortar store, possibly requiring less up-front investment. But the stakes are still high.

That's exactly why you need to find the best e-commerce solution for you. Today's shopping cart software is loaded with features that can help you run all aspects of your business. Here are just 10 ways top e-commerce solutions can simplify your business and ease your workload:

  1. Social marketing. Social media is huge today – face it, if your customers don't talk about you on the social networks, you're just not making an impact. Check your shopping cart software to be sure it is compatible with Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other key networks.
  2. Mobile sites. If you want customers to find your store wherever they are, you need to be sure they can easily access your site through their smartphones and other mobile devices. Many top e-commerce solutions will let you do this.
  3. Customer management. How are you going to deal with customer comments, complaints, questions, and technical issues? Be sure your shopping cart software gives you a usable customer management system.
  4. Merchandising. The right e-commerce solution will make it a breeze to upload product pictures, create attractive galleries, showcase colours accurately – in short, to show your products at their best.
  5. Easy setup. Even if you don't have design experience, you still know you want a nice looking, professional storefront. The best shopping cart plans will include templates or easy site builders. Be sure you can customize any template with your colors and logo, at least.

  1. Inventory tracking. The top e-commerce solutions will never leave you in the lurch! You should automatically know how many items you have in stock at any time. Look for real-time inventory tracking and low-quantity notices.
  2. Search engine optimization (SEO). This could be a job of its own – but you may not have the resources (yet!) to hire an SEO expert of your own. Look for shopping cart software that helps you create SEO-rich pages to ensure you rank high on today's top search engines.
  3. Analytics. Top e-commerce solutions will generally produce a range of custom reports so you can keep track of your sales, profits, customer behavior, and more. Let your shopping cart do the calculations and draw the graphs!
  4. Payment gateways. Do you want to take checks, e-checks, credit cards, PayPal payments? How about all of the above? Look for the shopping cart that will securely collect and process payments.
  5. Integrations. Many top e-commerce solutions are integrated with dozens of different features and companies. This can relieve a lot of your workload. Take shipping, for example. If you're integrated with the major shipping companies, you can offer your customers accurate shipping charges and real-time package tracking.

The right e-commerce solution will let you customize your store and administrative dashboard to fit your needs perfectly. It should present you with the information you require, help you attract traffic to your site, and make processing and completing sales a breeze.

For more information about top e-commerce solutions, check out our Top 10 Shopping Cart list.

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Top e-commerce solutions: Make running an online business easy

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