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What You Need to Conduct Successful Email Based Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing solutions will vary from person to person and business to business, but one thing is certain: if you’re selling anything online – product or service, as a product developer or an affiliate – you will need an email based marketing strategy. Does that statement sound a bit too absolute? Look at it this way: if you’re promoting and/or selling anything online and you haven’t sought out Email marketing solutions or email based marketing campaigns, you are cheating yourself all the way to the poorhouse.

As email is the communication method of choice for users of the internet, email marketing solutions are some of the most direct and effective ways for internet marketers to reach their target audiences.

In order to conduct successful email based marketing campaigns, you’re going to need to set up and maintain a few different systems (or functionalities):

  1. Database/mailing lists – You will need to build your lists of prospects/leads and customers and have some way of maintaining records on each of them and their progress (or their activity) with your business. Effective email marketing solutions check for duplicates, validate email addresses, collect demographic and personal interest data and sort and segment your lists based on this data or other factors. They will also and promptly handle updates and unsubscribes.
  2. Building messages/campaigns – You will need to design and compose email messages and sequences of messages (email based marketing campaigns) that you intend to have delivered to those prospects and customers on your lists. You also need to make sure these messages are as flawless as your best salespeople and presentations. These messages need to reflect your brand, be professional and attractive, and ¬– to be most effective, personalized for each individual recipient.
  3. Delivering – You will need a way to send these messages out, and while you may already employ a perfectly satisfactory email client for your regular use, you may find yourself overburdened with the laborious task of managing multiple delivery dates of various bulk loads of mailings. Here’s where solid email marketing solutions come into play. Likewise, if all goes well with your business, you may be able to keep up with all the time-sensitive and trigger-based emails (i.e. birthday/anniversary emails, welcome emails for new sign ups, etc.), not to mention bounced emails and unsubscribe requests.
  4. Tracking & Reporting – You will need to know which messages were successfully sent and which weren’t, which were or weren’t opened, which embedded links were or weren’t clicked. You need a way to track and generate automatic reports on the finest degree possible of real-time statistics so that you can fine-tune your email marketing campaigns, optimize your results, and maximize your returns.



When you examine the email marketing solutions and services reviewed in this section of our website, look for the functionality each offers (or doesn’t offer) in each of these areas. When you find a company that satisfies you on all four counts, or that excels beyond comparison in any one of the four listed areas, you can likely trust that their email marketing campaigns will impress; and their email marketing solutions will be worth paying for.

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