Why Choose European Web Hosting?

When is European web hosting the right choice for you? It's no secret that North America, and Texas in particular, is where you'll find most of the world's web hosts operating. But does that necessarily make these web hosts the best choice for everyone?

Local Customer Support

For you and your website's visitors, customer support is paramount. If your primary customer base is European, or if most of your staff and company infrastructure is based in Europe, then there are several advantages to European based customer support.

Speaking the same language as the customers they'll be supporting (and without accents or dialects that are difficult to understand) is one that's not to be underestimated, even if it is uncomfortable to talk about. Another reason is a local customer service rep's likelier familiarity with the region and mores that may come into play in the details of the support needed. And just as importantly, European customer support is open for business when the rest of Europe is open for business. That's a prime advantage when timely support is of the essence.

Time zone differences, language barriers and international calling rates are all reasons to favour local customer support over long distance support.

.EU Has Its Benefits

A European audience, especially one looking for local products, services, and resources, is going to find a website with a .eu domain more promising and appealing than a .com domain. People are web savvy enough these days, in fact, to limit their web searches to .eu domain results only, or to searching from or instead of, when appropriate (more on search engines in a moment). Now, you don't need a European web host to get a .eu domain name, that much is true. But you can easily get one with European host, often for free, and more importantly, the best webhost for a .eu domain is a web host in Europe. Why?

Because European web hosts operate in the same geographic locale where most of a .eu domain's visitors will ostensibly be located. That means quicker webpage loads, faster website processing time (for forms, addons, plug-ins, and such) and greater consistency and reliability of website availability for local customers.

Simply put, if your market (or most of your site's visitors) are in Europe, they will most likely get a better, faster, more consistent, and reliable experience of your website if it's hosted in the same time zone. After hours and overseas customer support will never compare to the quality obtained when your business, your marketplace, and your web host's customer support team are all operating within the same normal working hours.


And that's all without mentioning the immense advantage to a website's search engine rankings that’s hosted in the same market where they're doing business offers. That is to say, if your website (.eu, .com, or otherwise) is hosted by a European web host, meaning that it's served in a European datacentre with a European IP address, then it will be better positioned in the results from searches conducted by people located in Europe. It's part of the search engines' formula for determining rankings: local IP addresses get a ranking advantage for local based searches.

Size Is(n't) Everything

There are other factors to take into account when choosing a web host besides where they're based. The size of your company and your anticipated growth is one such factor. And a considerable one. Because it will determine the appropriate size of the web hosting company you use to maintain your website.

European web hosting is admittedly newer on the scene than North American web hosting. Therefore there are a lot of smaller web hosts in the European market than big ones. That means if you're a big company with a wide reach and large expected growth then an established stalwart in the North American web hosting market may still be best for you, even if you do have aspirations of European operations.

However, if the other advantages of European hosting appeal to you and your company is small-to-mid sized, you may actually find better service from a European web host, for a number of reasons. Smaller web hosts have more time and resources to devote to each of their web hosting customers. Companies tend to find more personal (and personable) service from a small-to-mid size web host than a large conglomerate. And if you don't need the hefty resources of such a giant, then the best web hosting for you may be a smaller web host based in Europe.

Supporting the Home Team

There's another, perhaps more esoteric (that is, less practical, tangible, measurable) reason to choose European web hosting if you're located in Europe or do business in Europe yourself. And that's to support the European Union. In times of economic crisis, there's never a better reason to help keep money, jobs, and industry going in your own backyard. Supporting European companies means helping prevent the dissolution of European industry and the increasing dominance of competitors overseas. It means sustaining your suppliers and your downlines. And it also means that European customers who know the value of supporting the home team will be more likely to throw a little of that support your way.

So is your best web host in Europe or the United States? Whatever your answer, one thing is as true of web hosts wherever they're based as it is of all other industries: they're not all built alike. Therefore, to find the best European web hosting for your business, nothing takes the place of thorough and discriminating European hosting reviews.

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