Evaluate Australian web hosts

Knowing you'd like to use an Australian web host helps narrow down the search for the best website hosting provider. But there are still an awful lot of Australian web hosts to choose from!

Here are a few hints to help you find a website hosting provider you can count on:

Space and bandwidth. How much do you need? How much will you get with your web hosting plan? Some Australian web hosts offer unlimited space and bandwidth (but be sure to read the small print!). This could be ideal for your situation. Remember than most websites really don't take up much space – make sure you're not paying for capacity you don't need. On the other hand, make sure you don't end up paying penalties or high “excess” fees to your website hosting provider if you go over your allotment.

Green. A number of Australian web hosts pay particular attention to the environment. If this is important to you and your site visitors or customers, you may want to consider choosing a website hosting provider that is powered by renewable or green energy. Some providers are also quite active in the community – all else being equal, this may be another reason you may want to choose a particular Australian web host.

Features. These days, most good and profitable websites are not static. With the rise of social media, and multi-media (video and audio), you need to make sure your website hosting provider has the functionality to let you build the site you want. Fortunately, most Australian web hosts have evolved with the times – if not ahead of the times – so you should find what you need! Look for the scripts, add-ons, site-builders and security features you like. Check out a demo of the control panel to ensure you're comfortable with the navigation and functionality.



Security. Speaking of security, this is another key factor in your website hosting provider decision. Security is absolutely essential, especially in this day and age, when hacking, malware, viruses and scams are running rampant. Look for an Australian web host that offers anti-virus and anti-spam protection. Ask about firewalls and automatic backups. Find out your web host's security and privacy policies.

Customer support. Finally, make sure your website hosting provider offers the kind of services you want. Are you likely to make panic support calls in the middle of the night? Then look for an Australian web host with 24/7 customer support. Before you sign up, check out the knowledgebase, video tutorials, FAQ section and so on. Try logging in for an online chat. Read customer reviews of the website hosting providers you are considering and see what customers have to say.

There are other considerations when choosing an Australian web host, including price value and location. Turn to our list of the Top Australian Web Hosts for more information.

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