What can you do with Fantastico hosting?

Fantastico hosting is a must-have for almost all web designers and developers, even those new to the web game. A quick web host comparison will show you that many of the top hosts offer Fantastico hosting, and for good reason: it makes installing scripts and website features easy.

Multi-featured sites made easy

When we talk about Fantastico hosting and installing scripts, we're referring to the method of adding features and add-ons to your site. Your host comparison should show you that Fantastico offers many benefits and options. In fact, you'll likely read about a "Fantastico library," which includes many scripts (or features) you may want to use.

Fantastico can be used right through your cPanel (read more on cPanel hosting or other control panel. By using Fantastico hosting to set up various features on your site, you'll ensure they are all streamlined, meshing together flawlessly.

Some of the features Fantastico hosting may include (consult your specific host comparison for exact features offered by various hosts):

E-commerce Fantastico hosting: there is no host comparison to make on this one! Fantastico hosting truly makes setting up and operating an e-commerce store easier than you'd ever thought possible. Fantastico hosting will help you set up and personalize shopping carts.

For more on e-commerce hosting, read:
A Few Key Points on Choosing an E-commerce Web Hosting Company: this is a great read to help you with host comparison.
? Pick Your Shopping Cart: remember that many scripts for shopping carts are available through Fantastico hosting.
E-commerce tools: use popular website hosting features to grow: this article will give you some ideas on how to use other features and Fantastico hosting scripts to further improve your website.



Blogs: This is definitely one of the most popular features among today's web developers and users. A host comparison will show you there are a number of blogs to choose from - and Fantastico hosting will help you set up most of them (in fact, you can set up more than one, if you'd like). Read Blog Hosting Basics  for more. Fantastico hosting will help you design the blog you want!

Forums: Get your clients and site visitors talking! Use a host comparison to ensure you have the option of adding this interactive feature to your site. Fantastico hosting will help you make it work without installing it yourself.

Galleries: a host comparison will also introduce you to different ways to showcase your photos and artwork. Once again, Fantastico hosting will enable you to quickly and easily set up a gallery that works with your specific web needs and design.

That's just a few Fantastico hosting features to get you started. You'll find there are literally dozens of scripts in the Fantastico library to help you create exactly the site you want, quickly and easily. As you shop around for a web hosting provider and do the necessary host comparison, make sure you keep an eye out for Fantastico hosting!

Get started with the Top 10 Fantastico Hosting companies! 

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