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Fantastico web hosts fully support Fantastico, which is usually integrated on your website through the cPanel control panel

And why would you look for Fantastico website hosting? Well, quite simply, it may be the best and fastest way for you to add all sorts of fabulous features to your website. What sort of features? Read on.

What is Fantastico?

Fantastico is a system that makes installing hundreds of scripts easy. If you want to add some extra features to your website - databases, forums, discussion boards


With Fantastico website hosting, you'll have hundreds of scripts at your fingertips. Add to and subtract from your site as you wish.

What do I need to run Fantastico?

Generally, a Fantastico web host will offer customers cPanel control panel, the industry-leading control panel which also happens to be fully integrated with cPanel. cPanel is set up to help you get started!

Why not just install the scripts on my own?

Why expend the extra time and energy? Although you certainly can install WordPress or Drupal on your own, the process takes much longer. By using Fantastico website hosting, you ensure your scripts are perfectly integrated with your site, expertly installed, and streamlined. Use your time dealing with other facets of your website and leave the extra scripts to Fantastico.

What is the benefit of a Fantastico web host?

A Fantastico web host will fully support Fantastico and offer you all the support and resources you need to properly and efficiently use this tool.

Is it just for beginners?

Not at all. It's logical enough that beginners can use it easily - but website builders of any level can take advantage of the resources Fantastico website hosting will save them.

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