Fast Web Hosting: Feel the need for speed?

Looking for a fast web host? Who isn't?

You want your website to be up all the time. You want photos to load quickly, you want support for audio and video streaming. You want your email to arrive the second they were sent. You demand your pages load quickly and efficiently. You want your clients to be able to see your excellent page design, view the products you have for sale, and navigate your site without difficulty. You want fast website hosting.

Without a fast web host to meet your needs, you know all too well that your clients will head elsewhere. There are so many options available online these days that the public doesn't bother to wait for an uncooperative site - they've already landed on your competitor's page.

So how do you know if your hosting service actually provides fast website hosting?



First of all, how much speed do you need? While all sites require a certain fast standard, high-traffic e-commerce sites, bustling gaming sites or sites with massive amounts of audio or video will require extra oomph. If you fall into one of these categories, you definitely need added fast website hosting ability. While the best shared web hosting plans offer good speed, if your site is particularly demanding, you may also want to consider other options, including:

Dedicated server hosting: A dedicated server is more expensive, but because you are the only user on a given server, there are less constraints on your space and speed. You don't need to worry about another site being hosted on your server cramping your options. Dedicated servers almost always guarantee fast website hosting.

Virtual private server hosting: This is a good stepping stone between a shared server and a dedicated server. Here you get many of the benefits of a dedicated server - but you are still technically sharing a server, albeit with increased security and space guarantees.

A shared web host can also be a fast web host, of course. Certain web hosts will offer higher speed packages for slightly more money. But there are other elements involved in fast website hosting as well.

Uptime: Look for the uptime guarantee and look for the analytics to prove it. 99.9% network and server uptime is industry standard these days and you should accept nothing less.

Bandwidth: Quite simply, you need to make sure your fast website hosting service offers you enough! Calculate your needs, based on your site plan, and keep it in mind while shopping around. Read more about streaming video hosting and audio hosting, both of which demand increased speed, in our helpful article.

Finding the right fast web host is a matter of choosing a web host with enough capacity for you. Look for uptime, reliability, top security and other guarantees and your fast website hosting service will meet your need for speed!

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