Fax Software and Internet Faxing FAQ

Isn’t fax software expensive?

Fax software is actually free. It comes as a free download for you to install when you sign up for internet faxing. Since fax software is free and we offer an extensive listing of the lowest rates for internet faxing, there is no reason why you shouldn’t switch from your traditional and outdated faxing method. Visit our list of Top Fax Providers today!

How do I use fax software?

Fax software is used just like you use your email software. In fact, some people like to think of internet faxing as fax-to-email software, because they operate just about the same. With fax software, you send and receive faxes much like an email attachment. Through fax software that you get for free with your internet faxing service, you can upload documents to fax them out. Similarly, your fax software will also download received faxes directly to your computer. And just like an email attachment, faxes sent and received through your internet faxing service can be opened, printed, saved, forwarded, and do anything else you can do with any other email attachment.

Do I have to be at my computer to use fax software?

Not in most cases, no. Most decent internet faxing  services have a web-based interface you can log into and use just like you would the fax software installed on your computer. Just like what webmail does for email, internet faxing can be done from any computer with an internet connection, anywhere in the world.

But will faxes I send from other computers still show my fax number?

Yes. The fax software these services use, whether you use the program installed on your computer or the web-based fax software from another computer (or your own), always show the faxes you send as coming from your fax number.



What’s the difference between “fax by email” and “fax by software”?

As we previously mentioned, with internet faxing you have the choice of either using the fax software installed on your computer or logging in to your account and using the web-based fax software from any web browser (including one on your own computer)? Well, the second of those two options is often referred to as “fax by email” with the name “fax by software” then falling to the first option. That’s the difference.

Can someone without an  internet faxing service still send faxes to me and receive faxes from me on a standard fax machine?

Yes. The free fax software allows this to happen seamlessly.

What would a person on a regular fax machine hear when they dialed my internet faxing number?

The fax software would play a pre-recorded message informing them that they have reached your internet faxing fax number and that they are now free to send you their faxes.

How expensive are they?

When you break it all down, internet faxing service is actually cheaper than using a traditional fax machine to send and receive faxes over a telephone line. For starters, there’s no machine, no paper, no toner, and no service contracts required. And for another thing, infrastructure costs for the internet fax software companies are so low, they can offer service at even lower rates than the phone companies. If you are interested in learning more about internet faxing providers and pricing read our expert Fax Reviews.

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