Find the top web host!

How are you ever going to choose the top web host?

The Internet is absolutely saturated with web hosting companies, many offering incredibly low prices for seemingly long lists of features. It's hard to tell what's a good web hosting plan and what's even better! Reviews by other web hosting customers can offer some insight and are not a bad place to get started.

Even more useful, Hosting-Review has made a concentrated effort to make the choice a little easier – check out any of our Top 10 lists to see the results of our research – but the ultimate decision, of course, rests on you, the end user.

Here are a few questions you need to ask yourself on the hunt for the top web host!

How much can you afford?

Price does not equal quality, of course, but it's good to know what resources you have. Some of the top web hosts are true bargains – but if you're about to launch a high-traffic website, or one with lots of video and audio, you may need to look for one that's more robust. You may even want to consider a VPS or Dedicated server web hosting plan, if you require considerable pace and/or expect extremely high levels of traffic.

How much space do you need?

Your top web host will offer you the disk space and bandwidth you need. Make sure you're not paying for space you don't require. Find out what will happen if you go over your allotted space. If you think your business may thrive and grow quickly, your top web host may be one that offers a number of plans – but make sure you can upgrade any time and without penalty.

You may also look for a web hosting plan that offers unlimited capacity so you don't get caught short. Always read the fine print: you may be surprised to find that unlimited doesn't always mean quite that.



What level of support do you expect?

The top web host may be different for a newbie and an experienced web developer. If this is your first web hosting plan, make sure your host offers good self-serve support (video tutorials, FAQs, a knowledgebase). Check out the hours of customer support and the ways you can reach technical support. If you love communicating by live chat, for example, make sure that's an available option. Look at hours, time zones and where the customer support centre is located.

Your top web host may be one that is based in your home country or region. This is not a necessity – global communication means your web hosting plan could be from a provider from just about anywhere – but going local could be a benefit to you and your business. Think currency, time zones and available customer service.

Available domains?

Will your web hosting plan include a domain for life? How much will it cost? How many do you need? Can you buy extras if you need or want them? The answers to some of these questions may also help you find your top web host. As well … how portable is your domain name? Can you take it with your if you move to another web hosting plan or provider?

What features do you need?

Are you hoping to start a blog? Offer video features? Audio? A photo gallery? Make a list before you start shopping – the web hosting plan that matches your list may help you choose the top web host. Make sure you get what you need; don't pay for features that you won't use.

What is the uptime guarantee?

No questions here! Your top web host must be reliable. Look up the host's uptime guarantee and see if there are statistics to back it up. All servers may suffer some downtime once in a while ... what will the web host do if your site is down because of its mistake?

Finding the top web host may not be as tough as you think, as long as you know what you're looking for. Hosting-Review has no doubt you'll find the perfect web hosting plan!

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