Gain your customers' trust: website hosting and credibility

One of the most important aspects of website hosting is security. You want your data and information to be safe with your web hosts; the visitors to your site are looking for the same assurances from you.

Take a look at our web hosting reviews for the Top 10 Secure Website Hosting companies for more details on web hosts with great security features.

Today, many new website owners and website hosting customers face a battle: convincing their customers and visitors that they are legitimate, secure and competent. Unfortunately, there are a number of fly-by-night e-commerce and e-business operations out there giving everyone else a bad name.

That said, some wariness is the sign of a responsible customer. Here are a few things you can do on your website to keep those who come to visit - especially if they're coming to buy a product or service - at ease.

List your security features

Especially if you're running an e-commerce site, your website hosting package should come with a certain level of security. Post this on your website in plain view, whether it's a logo for a security credential or basic checks and balances that you do. If you've purchased additional security seals or security certificates (SSL certificates), make sure to list them too.

Privacy Policy

All business sites should have a privacy policy. In fact, if you're using your website to collect any information - even if it's just e-mail addresses for a newsletter mail out, you should have a privacy policy. Let those who sign up know exactly what you plan to do with the information you're collecting, how you will store it and if you will share it. Just as you use web hosting reviews to help decide which website hosting companies are the most trustworthy, so your customers may take time to evaluate you.



Contact information

You should always include at least a mailing address and email address. Your visitors want to know that you exist in the real world!

Secure forms

Any form that you use to collect personal data, especially if it involves a credit card number, should be secure (https should show up in the address bar instead of http). Website hosting companies should provide access to this, or information on how to access it.

Up-to-date software

The more up-to-date your software is, the better your chances of fighting of viruses and malware. Include well-known search tools - visitors and customers like to see names they recognize - and make sure to maintain the latest versions.

Use web hosting reviews to help find the website hosting package that offers you the security details you want to pass along to your website visitors.

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