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Green web hosts should, first and foremost, offer you the features and services you want and need at a price you can afford. That is, after all, the primary purpose of any web host.

But for an increasing number of us, other elements are important in the companies we choose to support. A web hosting provider, with all its high-end redundant data centers and incredible power, consumes considerable energy. But, as you'll see in green hosting reviews, many companies are starting to take their worldly responsibilities at least a little bit seriously.

Being a green web host doesn't mean the staff have built a windmill outside their offices or covered one wall entirely in solar panels (though this has happened). They may do the small, yet important things - encouraging alternative transportation or telecommuting, going paperless, planting trees or using efficient lighting sources.

Green web hosting reviews will outline a few other, major steps some green web hosts take.

How do green web hosts do it?

As you read green hosting reviews, you may notice certain enviro-phrases show up regularly. Green web hosts may use one or more of the many options below to reduce its footprint on the world:

Purchase "green tags": Usually, a green web host will opt to buy green energy tags or green tags from a certified company to match their energy consumption. By doing this, they will ensure that an amount of green energy - wind, solar or similar - equivalent to their own consumption will be pumped into the power grid.

Purchase carbon credits or offsets: These are similar to green tags. Here, green web hosts will likely purchase carbon credits to match its energy consumption. The money spent on the credits will go towards green energy projects and creating clean sources of electricity.



Efficient data center operations: A well-organized data center, with efficient cooling systems, can save more energy than you might first think.

Energy-efficient servers and office equipment: You may notice, as you read green hosting reviews, that certain green web hosts have also committed to reducing their carbon consumption by purchasing efficient servers and other equipment. This can greatly reduce the energy consumption of a company - and may even result in some all-around cost savings.

Read green hosting reviews with a critical eye. It bears remembering that "being green" has become a bit of a trend lately, and many companies are jumping on the bandwagon - not always for the right reasons.

Make sure your green web host is walking the walk as well as talking the talk. Consult green hosting reviews and make the ethical, earth-friendly choice.

Consult our list of Top 10 green web hosts for great green reviews of all your top choices.

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