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Host Comparison: What you need to host a multi-media site

A host comparison will only benefit you if you have some idea what you're looking for in you web hosting service. If you plan to host a multi-media site, you need a reliable host with the space and bandwidth to meet your requirements. You may need to take special care in your host comparison, as every provider may not fit the bill for you.

Before you go in search of the ultimate reliable host for your multi-media site, decide which types of files you'll be adding to your website. Are they relatively small audio clips? Or lengthy video clips? This will make a difference to the criteria you use in your host comparison.

You might also want to decide how you're going to post your multi media files on the site. You have two basic options:

  1. Individual files. Using this option, you put your individual music and video files on your reliable host's server. Visitors to your site can access the files through links on your site and downloading them to their own computers. This is a great option if your site is small-ish and will work with most web hosting packages. As you do your host comparison, ensure you will have enough storage space for your files, and enough bandwidth to transmit them.
  2. Streaming audio & video. Consider streaming if you have larger video files or Internet radio, for example. Using this option, visitors to your site listen or view your files in much the same way as if they had turned on the television or radio. It also allows you to broadcast in real time. It's convenient for visitors, as there is no need to download a large file. For this type of multi media file hosting, you'll want a reliable host with specific software - software you need to look for when doing a host comparison.

Many hosts will list "supports streaming audio" or "supports streaming video" on their feature list; this is exactly what you're looking for. You may also look for Real Audio and Real Video support. Your host comparison may turn up other options along these lines.



No matter which host you choose, you want it to be a reliable host, particularly if you're going to count on it to offer streaming audio and video. Expert reviews and customer reviews will both help you here, offering a good basis for host comparison.

Audio and video files can quickly eat up server space, so you'll also need to ensure there's enough for your needs. A host comparison will soon reveal that many of today's most reliable hosts offer unlimited hosting, meaning unlimited disk space and bandwidth. This looks attractive - but make sure you read the fine print. Even unlimited hosting does have limits!

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Good luck with your host comparison! We're sure, with the resources right here on Hosting-Review.com, you'll have no trouble selecting a secure, reliable host to meet all your needs.

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