Why use an eFax to Email service?

Choosing eFax to email offers many benefits, however the number one reason for replacing your old and outdated fax machine with email fax software is the huge savings that comes with it!

With eFax to email service you’ll save money on:

  • fax paper
  • toner cartridges
  • fax machine repair
  • an additional phone line

Plus, email fax software can be offered at rates cheaper than regular telephone or fax rates, because of low overhead and operational costs on the eFax to email provider’s end.

If that’s not enough for you, here are several other reasons to use email fax software:

  • eFax to email saves you time: No more arduously typing out cover pages. With email fax software, you can have a standard, customizable cover page template at your fingertips in seconds. With traditional faxing, you also have to print out each document you wish to fax, but with eFax to email you just add it as an attachment and press “send.” There’s not even a need to stand around waiting for the fax machine to dial the number, wait to connect (or not), and then (if you’re lucky) watch each page as it feeds through the machine to make sure it doesn’t jam.
  • eFaxes are always crystal clear: Whether you’re on the sending or receiving end of it, a smudged, faded, and otherwise illegible fax could have consequences from awkward to dire. Email fax software eliminates that scenario forever.
  • eFax to email is a space-saver: Email fax software frees up space in your home or office that you and we both know could be put to much better use (if nothing else, to give you some leg room or elbow room).



  • eFax to email is environmentally responsible: Let’s not forget that email fax software is an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional faxing as a whole bunch of petroleum goes into the process of making and distributing those toner cartridges that not only end up filling up our landfills, but poisoning them too! And then there’s all that fax paper that gets consumed in traditional faxing. Think of all the trees that can be saved by eliminating that waste. eFax to email sees the forest for the trees.
  • Email fax software is as easy as email: If you have any concerns of struggling to learn how to use a new technology, you can rest assured, using eFax to email is, if anything, easier than regular faxing. If you know how to send regular email, you’re halfway there. And if you know how to attach a document to an email, then you pretty much already know how to fax with email fax software.
  • eFax to email is portable (Part I): You can use email fax software to send faxes from anywhere in the world and it will always look like it’s coming from the same fax number in your home or office. This gives you total freedom of mobility to travel throughout the world and still get all your faxing needs met while your whereabouts stay private.
  • eFax to email is portable (Part II): Likewise, with email fax software you can receive faxes on any computer using any internet connection anywhere in the world. Never be out of reach of important documents you need again.
  • eFax to email works no matter what: Email fax software is regular fax-compatible. That is to say, the person receiving your fax or sending a fax to you does not need to be using eFax to email service too in order to send faxes to you and receive faxes from you.

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