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Internet fax numbers are increasing in popularity, and choosing to get Internet fax service is a move that you will not soon regret. It will save you time, money, and energy while giving you greater freedom, versatility, mobility, and… yes, energy.

Internet fax numbers don’t require a fax machine or a phone line because Internet fax service is a hosted service, meaning you use a company’s “fax machine” and “phone line” (or, really, its digital-age equivalent), remotely via the free fax software provided. Internet fax numbers allow you to also send and receive faxes using your Internet fax service over any internet connection as well.

There are three different types of Internet fax numbers you could get through an Internet fax service:

    • a local fax number for your area or the local area where your customers reside
    • a 1-800 fax number to provide toll-free calling to anyone wishing to call you
    • a vanity fax number to help you promote your business and spread your brand awareness

To get your own internet fax servicenumbers, just follow these easy steps:

  1. Sit down at your computer and get online.
  2. Go to the website of an internet fax service provider that you’ve found either through the reviews and recommendations in this website or through your own search and research methods. (If you haven’t yet read our reviews, start with the article “Send Faxes Online: What to Look for in an Internet Fax Service” to get an overview of how our reviews are structured and, of course, what to look for when choosing internet fax numbers.)
  3. Register for the internet fax service by filling out the online forms the internet fax number service’s website provides. Chances are that one of the questions you will be asked in this process is which of the above types of fax number (local, 1-800, or vanity) you would like.
  4. At this point, the service will probably provide you with your inbound internet fax numbers. In some cases, the service might first want you to…
  5. … Pay your service fee.


One question a lot of people ask about Internet fax service is whether they can transfer existing fax numbers to Internet fax numbers. The answer to that specific question is: usually not. However, most Internet fax services will forward faxes sent to your existing fax numbers over to your Internet fax numbers. In these cases, faxes sent to your existing fax numbers are routed to your email inbox or to your online Internet fax service.

And keep in mind: if forwarding existing fax numbers to your new Internet fax numbers is a service you desire (or require) check with the Internet fax service you’re considering before signing up to make sure it is a feature the company provides. Compare internet fax features by reading our expert Fax Reviews.

Another great convenience with Internet fax numbers is that you can send faxes from anywhere in the world over any computer with an internet connection and have it sourced from your common fax number. Likewise you can receive faxes sent to your Internet fax number numbers while at any computer with an internet connection anywhere in the world. It’s no wonder that more people are scrapping the traditional approach to faxing and choosing to use Internet fax service!

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