Is Microsoft Security Essentials Enough Virus Protection?

In the world of antivirus software, everyone wants to be protected, but no one really wants to pay for it. So, that brings us to the question, is the free Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) enough protection against viruses and other online threats? The quick answer, sort of; the realistic answer, no.

As it says in the name, Microsoft Security Essentials provides just that - the essentials.While the product does in fact have an antivirus component, compared to other antivirus products on the market, the protection just isn’t there. So yes, while Microsoft Security Essentials says it provides protection against online threats, it doesn’t quite match up to the competition, and probably isn’t enough virus protection for online users. The only thing we can say that is great for MSE is it’s false-positives, the program doesn’t find any - meaning what the program does detect are legitimate threats.

Which products would provide enough protection is the next thing to consider.  It might be time to consider spending a bit of money on a product that will actually block threats. Most people think of the short-term and don’t want to spend more money after forking out hundreds on a new laptop or PC, but what’s the point of having several hundred dollars worth of metal and plastic that doesn’t start up because the virus protection you were using was inadequate? For users that are looking for more protection than Windows Security Essentials, but don’t need the added protection for online identity etc. the best bet would be to go with an antivirus suite. These programs aren’t intrusive and keep users safe against online threats such as viruses, Trojans, worms, rootkits and other malware.

For the equivalent of about ten cents a day, you can protect your computer with some of the best antivirus software. What’s the difference between some of the top antivirus software and MSE? There are a few things, firstly you’ll get more features. Many of the top products include extras like built-in link scanners, two-way firewalls, live support, anti-phishing tools among other things. Also, the paid programs rank higher in terms of protection. In terms of the old adage “you get what you pay for” it’s fairly accurate for antivirus products. For about $40 for a year’s worth of protection on one computer, users will get protection from viruses and other online malware. The next level of protection is with internet security suites which are priced slightly higher, usually starting around $60. These usually provide the same antivirus and antimalware protection as the antivirus suites, but offer more protection in terms of online shopping, banking and identity protection.

In the end, for users looking for more protection that what Microsoft Security Essentials has to offer, but don’t want to break the bank forking over hundreds on 360 degree protection, it’s a good idea to look at antivirus suites, they offer much higher protection than MSE without the high costs of internet protection suites.

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