Keep your website sharp: maintenance and web hosting tools

You've scoured the web hosting reviews and you've settled on a website hosting provider. You've planned ahead and designed your site carefully. And you've pushed your site - it's now live and working for you!

Whether you run an e-commerce site, a personal blog, a business site or any other, it's obvious that you want visitors! You wouldn't have a website otherwise. Not only that, you want your visitors to come in to your site, have a look around and then return often.

Key to making this happen is maintenance. Your website work is never over!

Check broken links. There's nothing more frustrating for a visitor than hitting your site, only to find they can't always get where they want. Make sure all links are live.

Fresh content. The great thing about the web (as compared to other publishing media, such as newspaper or magazines), is that it's a dynamic, ever-changing thing. You want people to visit your site, have a look around, and then return frequently. And the best way to do this is through sharp, fresh content. There's no point paying for an excellent web hosting service if you don't get the traffic you deserve! Let your visitors know when you will be updating your work and stick to the plan.



Change photos, too. If your site features a prominent photo on the front page, make sure you update it regularly. Seeing the same thing on every visit can turn a visitor off. Read our articles about image hosting and Flash animation for more on managing graphics content.

Website statistics - monitor them! Your website hosting provider likely provides website statistics, or a tool to help you do so. See which pages are attracting the most traffic and where the visitors came from. When you see which pages are attracting the most attention, you may be able to update others to be similarly successful.

Sales. If you've got an e-commerce or business site, you'll be watching your sales closely, you don't need us to tell you that! If you notice that you're getting quite a few visitors, but those visitors aren't buying what you're selling, your sales pitch may be at fault. Rewrite some of your marketing copy or ask an expert to have a look at it. Some web hosting companies may be able ot put you in touch with a web-savvy writer.

Communicate with your clients/visitors. You website hosting provider likely offers you a long list to tools you can use to keep the conversation going on your site! Why not start a forum or discussion board, and hear what your visitors think. Web hosting companies often offer a newsletter feature - take advantage of it.

By keeping your website fresh, clean and exciting, you'll attract traffic and keep visitors coming back for more! Take advantage of the analysis and communications tools your web hosting company offers and stay on top of your site.

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