You know it's time to leave your current web host when

You were sure you'd found the best web hosting solution for you. And everything was going swimmingly, just like the hosting reviews said, right? Your website is up and running, your e-commerce hosting plan is working perfectly... and then something changed.

What do you do when the best web hosting service is no longer the best? If you were to write hosting reviews about your own situation, what would you say?

The web hosting industry can be a lucrative and is always a fast-changing one. Although there are many well-established companies offering hosting services, there are any number of fly-by-night or less-then-desirable companies that offer considerably less than the best web hosting. And web hosts that once rated at the top of the list in hosting reviews sometimes just seem to run out of steam.

If you're not getting the uptime you were promised, the service you expect, or the features you need to properly run your site, it's time to leave your web host. Especially if you're involved in business hosting or e-commerce hosting, you can't afford to wait around for your web host to get its act together.



Here are four good reasons to leave your web host:

  1. Downtime. If you look through hosting reviews, you'll see that the best web hosting services offer 99.9% guaranteed uptime or better. Make sure you get this! Even the best web hosting service may experience technical difficulties from time to time, but if your host misses this mark regularly, you should ask for compensation. And if this problem is chronic, you should get out of there. The best web hosting service should ensure your site is available, at the very least.
  2. Your website seems sloooow. This can be a problem with shared web hosting companies who oversell their space. If too many busy sites are hosted on one server, everyone's service slows down. Check out our hosting reviews for the Top 10 Shared Hosting Companies to help you find a better option.
  3. Poor customer service. The best web hosting companies will respond to a support ticket request quickly - certainly within 24 hours or so. If you are left on hold for hours, no one answers the phone at all, or your emails seem to be going out into a black hole, it's time to go. Whether you've signed up for cheap web hosting or more pricey dedicated hosting options, you deserve respect and support.
  4. They just don't offer what they promise. Best web hosting brings you no surprises. If you do not receive the attention, features, speed or service your web hosting companies promises, you should leave for better pastures. In the future, check hosting reviews for an outside opinion of what a host can offer.

Once you've made the decision to leave, make sure to research your options though hosting reviews. Read our article on How to switch web hosting providers for more information. With some careful groundwork, this time you'll find the best web hosting service for you!

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